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Govt. 005 Notes Week One

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by: David Chalmers

Govt. 005 Notes Week One GOVT.005.02-SP16

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David Chalmers


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About this Document

These notes cover discussions from the first week of class
International Politics
Daryl Press
Class Notes
Government, International politics
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1 review
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"Yes YES!! Thank you for these. I'm such a bad notetaker :/ will definitely be looking forward to these"
Cleo Huels

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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by David Chalmers on Tuesday April 5, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to GOVT.005.02-SP16 at a university taught by Daryl Press in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 30 views.

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Reviews for Govt. 005 Notes Week One

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Yes YES!! Thank you for these. I'm such a bad notetaker :/ will definitely be looking forward to these

-Cleo Huels


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Date Created: 04/05/16
1. Questions that Historians vs. Political Scientists ask: a. What triggers colonies to rebel? i. How did the Vietnam rally the nationalism required to overthrow the French? b. Why do changes in the balance of power cause conflict? i. Why did Japan’s quick rise to power cause conflict with the United States? 2. How is Political Science different than the investigation that the Natural Sciences? a. In a way, Political Scientists have much more difficult relationships to evaluate i. Friction is relatively easy to evaluate; water always boils at 212 degrees at sea level ii. People do not react identically in the way water molecules do 1. Free will is kinda a thing 2. Humans do not react quickly, compared to molecules iii. Circumstances vary when it comes to people 1. Identical situations are nearly impossible to recreate iv. Humans lead and make decisions as individual and groups 1. Individuals are easier to predict than groups v. Individuals and groups and societies have different motives and morals vi. Strategic actions 1. People’s goals provide to find strategic advantages to provide an advantage over others, the world eventually reacts and advances to take this advantage away a. U.S. economic sanctions are becoming antibiotic resistance, it was our advantage but if we keep using it, the world will react and no longer rely so heavily on the U.S. 3. Natural Scientists can run a. Repeat Blind Controlled Experiment i. In an experiment, the researcher provides the stimulus as opposed to nature ii. Controlled means those receiving a stimulus are accurately compared to peers who do not b. These really cannot be done in Social Science i. They can conduct observational studies ii. This makes the two wildly different 1. No one wants to let Political Scientists repeat some of the most interesting situations a. Nuclear Bomb Droppings, Genocides, Totalitarian Rule 4. Theory is an attempt to explain a causal relationship 5. Should we (the United States) do more to keep the Russians out of Ukraine? a. Stop the spread of Russia b. Reduce our credibility in the eyes of our allies c. Embolden other potential aggressors d. It’s the right thing to do Why is war so common amongst humans? 1. How do we keep fighting with so much diversity in political systems, economics, religions, etc. a. We are fundamentally broken i. Primarily men b. Structure of the international system i. We reach for the sword before any other action ii. Constant fear of actions of those around us 2. Why do people act the way they do? a. Because of who they are b. Situation they are in i. Why do criminals steal? 1. Can be answered with both 2. Same with banking collapse of 2008 ii. This applies to international policies as well 1. China, Russia, Iran a. People all over the world agree that the problem is international policy, but argue as to who’s ruining it 3. So what is the problem? a. There is no central ruling power over sovereign states i. Anarchy builds universal fear ii. Anarchy provides opportunity 1. There is incentive to arm yourself and use force iii. When there is a lack of governing authority (anarchy) we see: 1. Increase in weaponry/violence 2. Groups created for protection and unity a. Gangs, Clans, Tribes, Families b. The nature of actors depends on the nature of their environment (usually anarchic) 4. Game Theory a. Individual decisions to better themselves makes it ultimately worse for both of them b. In many times, countries find themselves in situations similar to this i. OPEC, Nuclear Weapons c. Intentions are very hard to trust because they are always changing d. Prisoners dilemma describes Absolute gains but neglects Relative gains which are vastly important i. Relative gains is simply caring about your benefits being greater than others


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