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South Asia Notes

by: Layne Franklin

South Asia Notes IREL 100

Layne Franklin
GPA 2.9

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About this Document

These notes cover material that might be on the exam.
World Regional Geography
Brian Platt
Class Notes
World Geography
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Layne Franklin on Tuesday April 5, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to IREL 100 at University of Indianapolis taught by Brian Platt in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see World Regional Geography in History at University of Indianapolis.


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Date Created: 04/05/16
South Asia Monsoon-annualrains SouthAsianlandmassheatsup Low pressuredevelops Airflowsfromoceanto land Condensationandprecipitationoccur Wet monsoonbringsrainsfor60 daysor more Short dryseason The SignificanceofAgriculture More than halftheworkforceemployedinagriculture Low productivityandonly20%contributiontooveralleconomy 70% ofSouthAsia’spopulationisrural Dependenceongoodharvest East Indiaand Bangladesh-rice NorthwesternIndiaandPakistan-wheat Birthplace ofCivilization IndusValleyCivilization Complexandtechnologicallyadvanced Emergedbyabout 2500 BC CenterdonHarappaand Mojenho-Daro Aryansand theOriginsofHinduism Around1500 BC northernIndiainvadedbyAryans-peoplespeakingIndo-Europeanlanguages Sanskirt-languagerelatedtoOldPersian Vedism-religiousbeliefsystem Hinduism-emergedoutofVedismtexts SocialStratificationSystem SolidifiedpowerfulpositionofAryans Organizedvillagesintocontrollednetworks Smallcity-statesemerged Hierarchyofpower-Brahmins(highestorderpriests) Aryansand theOriginsofHinduism Castesystem-class-basedsystem Lowestcastedeterminedbypastlives Appearstobe erodingincitiesduetoglobalization,economicgrowth,andurbanization Indo-Europeanlanguages-rootedinSanskirt Predominateinwesternandnorthernparts Dravidianfamily-dominantintheSouth IndigenouslanguagesbeforearrivalofAryans Telagu,Tamil,Kanarese(Kannada),Malayalam BuddhismandOtherIndigenousReligions Buddhism-around500BC AroseineasternGangeBasin Lessthan 1% of populationinIndia ImportantinBhutan (statereligion)andSriLanka(70% population) InfluencegreaterinSoutheastAsiaandEastAsia Jainism-developedalongsideHinduism More puristprincipled,anddeeplyspiritualformsofHinduism Lessthan 1% of thepopulation Sikhism-emergedaroundAD1500 BlendofIslamicandHindubeliefs About2% of population ForeignInvaders TheReach of Islam Late 10 centuryarrivedinSouthAsia SpreadintotheIndusValleyandeastward DelhiSultanate-13 Century ExpandedacrosstheNortherntier Mughal (Mogul)Empire-IslamicizedMongols PushedfromAfghanistanintothePunjab OustedtheDelhiSultanate ExpandedIslamwithtolerantpoliciestowardHindus BuiltTaj Mahal Today IslamisdominantinPakistanandBangladesh TheEurpean Intrusion BritishtookadvantageofweakenedpowerofMughals,whowereinconflictwithHindusoftherealm “IndirectRule”-leftlocalrulers(maharajas)torule 1857-British Raj “East India”becamepart oftheBritishColonial Empire Lasts for90 yearsuntil1947 ColonialTransformation SouthAsiabecameasupplierofrawmaterialsandcottonfortheIndustriesofBritain ImportationofEuropeanmanufacturedgoodsresultedindeclineoflocal industriesandlossofmarkets. Extensivetransportnetwork-railroadsystem Developmentofcoastalcitiesandports A neweliteamongSouthAsiannativesemerged.


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