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History Week 11 Notes / Study Guide Part II

by: Meagan

History Week 11 Notes / Study Guide Part II HIST 1020

Marketplace > Auburn University > History > HIST 1020 > History Week 11 Notes Study Guide Part II

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About this Document

These notes cover what will be on exam 3. There is also a few more key terms and things to remember included in this file for exam 3. I hope it helps.
World History 2
Tiffany Sippial
Class Notes
history, World History
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Meagan on Wednesday April 6, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 1020 at Auburn University taught by Tiffany Sippial in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see World History 2 in History at Auburn University.


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Date Created: 04/06/16
WWII: Nationalist Nightmares First U.S. Troops Land at Sicily (1943)  Use that location to push through Italy o Want to oppose Mussolini Teheran Conference (1943)  Meeting of Stalin (USSR, Roosevelt (US), and Great Britain (Churchill) o Big Three  Big three agree to open western front to relieve USSR  USSR promises to join US in war against Japan after defeat of Germany  Last show of good faith between US an USSR o Stalin says they have been holding down Eastern front and he wants control of the east = Roosevelt doesn’t like that o Underlying tensions D-Day (6 June 1944)  Immense operation in Normandy, France  Trying to force Germany to fight a war on multiple fronts  Preparations o Strategic air campaign paved way o French and Belgian railways crippled o Bridges demolished in NW France o Enemy airfields within 30-mile radius attacked  Establish beachhead = Allied troops land 5 assault divisions  3 months = 2 million troops and ½ million vehicles  Largest ship borne assault ever staged Hitler Moves into a Bunker Under Berlin (January 1945)  Direct final testament underground  Commits suicide eventually  Himmler his right hand man in concentration camps commits suicide  Mussolini executed by communist VE Day (May 1945)  Death of these Fascist leader  Celebration in Europe  Victory in Europe day Atomic Weapons  Hiroshima (6 August 1945) o 135000 initial casualties o Eventually more  Nagasaki (9 August 1945) o 60,000 initial casualties Antisemitism  Evolves overtime to focus more on race rather than economics  False understanding of race o Jewish Identity is based on culture, tradition, common ancestry, and religion of Judaism  Wants German blood to be purged from Jewish blood o Taking social Darwinism to the extreme Defining Exclusion  Nuremberg Laws (1935) o Legislation to exclude Jews politically o Defines citizenship in Germany along racial lines  Racial/Citizenship Categories: o German = 4 grandparents “German blood” o Crossbreed = 2 grandparents “Jewish blood” o Jew = 3-4 grandparents “Jewish blood” o Jews and crossbreeds excluded o Marriages forbidden between Jews and Germans Kristallnacht: Night of Shattered Glass (1938)  Act of violence against German official from a Jew o Assassination of the Third Secretary in German Embassy o Hitler capitalizes off of event o Causes fear and hatred  Synagogues burned  7,000 Jewish businesses destroyed  100 Jews killed  30,000 Jews sent to concentration camps  Jews barred from all public buildings  Jews prohibited from owning, managing, or working in retail stores  Jews encouraged to “emigrate from Germany” Inscribing Exclusion (1939-1945)  Use the yellow star of David and the letter J o Make visible who the Jews are o Want them to be seen as outsiders The Final Solution  Creation concentration camps o Those marked for exclusion eventually exterminated  Camps in Poland o Belzec, Chelmno, Majdanek, Sobibor, Treblinka, and Auschwitz Study Guide Part II Nationalist Nightmares  Teheran Conference (1943) o Meeting of the Big Three where they agree to open the western front to relieve USSR; USSR promises to join US in war against Japan after defeat of Germany  “Big Three” o Stalin of USSR, Roosevelt of U.S., and Churchill of Great Britain  D Day (6 June 1944) o Immense operation to make Germany fight a war on multiple fronts; established a beachhead in Normandy, France; considered the largest ship borne assault ever staged  VE-Day (May 1945) o The end of Fascist Dictatorship in Europe; Mussolini, Hitler, and Himmler all dead from suicide or execution; Victory in Europe  Hiroshima (6 August 1945) o First atomic bomb dropped here in Japan by the US; had initial 135000 casualties  Nagasaki (9 August 1945) o Second atomic bomb dropped in Japan by the US; 60000 initial casualties  Anti-Semitism o Hatred of Jewish race even though Jewish identity is based on ancestry, tradition, culture, and religion of Judaism  Nuremberg Laws (1935) o Laws that defined people as German (4 grandparents “German blood”), crossbreed (2 parents “Jewish blood”), or Jew (3-4 grandparents “Jewish blood); if a Crossbreed or Jew then excluded; marriage between Jews and German citizens is now forbidden  Kristallnacht (1938) o Night of Shattered Glass; there was an act of violence against a German official from a Jew and Hitler capitalizes of that act; huge destruction of Jewish homes, synagogues, and businesses; many put in concentration camps or killed; encouraged to emigrate  “Final Solution” o The creation of concentration camps to exterminate Jews, those marked with the yellow star or a J Extra things to Remember  1932 1. The height of German employment and important date in Hitler’s rise to power  Hitler’s Rise to Power 1. Formation of Nazi Party 2. Chancellor of Germany 3. Reich Stag Fire 4. Enabling Act 5. Death of Hindenburg  Assembling Lebensraum 1. Rhineland 2. Austria 3. Sudetenland 4. Poland


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