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Chapter 3 and 4 Book Notes

by: Jeanne Arnson-Serotta

Chapter 3 and 4 Book Notes 6779

Marketplace > University of Miami > Psychlogy > 6779 > Chapter 3 and 4 Book Notes
Jeanne Arnson-Serotta
PSY 370
Franklin Foote

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About this Document

Here you will find the PSY 370's textbook notes for chapters 3 and 4 (Anatomy, Cancers). Have a look!
PSY 370
Franklin Foote
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jeanne Arnson-Serotta on Sunday February 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 6779 at University of Miami taught by Franklin Foote in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 96 views. For similar materials see PSY 370 in Psychlogy at University of Miami.


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Date Created: 02/01/15
Chapter 4 Book Notes Sexual Anatomystudy from class notes Cancer of the Female Sex Organs 0 Breast Cancer 0 Is the second most common form of cancer in women exceeded only by skin cancer 510 are due to genetic factors Other risk factors include long term use of menopausal hormone replacement therapy and obesity Mutations of BRCA1 on chromosome 17 ad BRCA2 on chromosome 13 create a high risk of breast cancer and increased susceptibility to ovarian cancer Self exams mammograms and exams by physicians are best to detect any changes 80 of breast lumps are cysts or fibro adenomas and are benign Several forms of surgery may be performed when a breast lump is found to be malignant If the lump is small and has not spread the surgery may involve only a lumpectomy in which the lump and a small bit of surrounding tissues are removed In simple mastectomy the breast and possibly a few lymph nodes are removed In modified mastectomy the breast and underarm lymph nodes are removed If the cancer has spread more the surgery is radical mastectomy in which the entire breast the underlying pectoral muscle and the lymph nodes are removed 0 Cancer of the Cervix Endometrium and Ovaries O O 95 of cases of cervical cancer are caused by the HPV Early initiation of coitus during the teenage years is a known risk factor for cervical cancer as is intercourse with multiple partners Since the invention of the Pap test the death rate from cervical cancer has decreased sharply 0 Endometrial and ovarian cancers have multiple symptoms making diagnosis difficult 0 Endometrial cancer may be suspected when a woman has vaginal bleeding during times in the menstrual cycle other than her period or after menopause O Ovarian cancer symptoms can be abdominal bloating and cramping vomiting and diarrhea 0 Treatment for cervical cancer varies according to how advanced it is when diagnosed If it is detected early it is quite curable with cryotherapy which freezes the abnormal cells Another common treatment is cone biopsy in which a segment of the cervix is surgically removed For women with advanced cervical cancer surgical removal of the uterus hysterectomy may be necessary Cancer of the Male Sexual Organs 0 Cancer of the Prostate 0 Is the second leading cause of cancer death in men the most common being lung cancer but survival rates are high however because most of the tumors are small and spread slowly 0 Early symptoms are frequent urination difficulty in urination which result from the pressure of the prostate tumor on the urethra 0 Diagnoses can be achieved through rectal exams or blood tests testing for PSA s prostate specific antigens 0 Treatment involved surgical removal of some or all of the prostate plus some type of hormone therapy radiation therapy or anticancer drugs 0 Cancer of the Testes O Fairly uncommon but tends to be a disease of young men and it is the most common form of cancer in men between the ages of 29 and 35 The first sign is usually a painless lump in the testes or a slight enlargement or change in consistency of the testes Diagnosis is made by a physician s examination of the testes and by ultrasound Final diagnosis involves surgical removal of the entire testis Chapter 3 Book Notes Measuring Sex 0 SelfReports O Selfreports can be collected in a number of ways questionnaires interviews and online 0 Behavioral Measures 0 Direct observation the scientist directly observes the behavior and records it Charles Moser observing SM behavior at SM parties 0 Eye tracking a behavioral measure in which a device measures the participant s point of gaze over time 0 Use of police reports to study illegal sexual behaviors like sexual assault and rape But this only detects cases reported to police and only a small proportion of these cases are normally reported 0 Implicit Measures 0 IAT Implicit Association Test which measures an individual s relative strength of association between different pairs of concepts We react quickly to two concepts that we associate strongly and more slowly to two concepts that we do not associate strongly 0 Example show word on the screen related to condom and represent pleasant things with types of trees on the screen Then repeat with words related to condom and unpleasant words to determine if participants have a stronger association between condoms and pleasant or between condoms and unpleasant 0 Biological Measures 0 Enital measures by using devices the measure vaginal changes or erection 0 MRI an MRI I MRI looks at anatomy of the brain genitals with magnets I fMRI looks at brain activity by measuring relative levels of blood ow Issues in Sex Research 0 Sampling 0 Sampling can be an issue in sex research because those more likely to volunteer for studies like these already have something in common about their personality or view of sexuality 0 Problem of refusal or nonresponse people will refuse to participate in a sex survey thus making it difficult to study a random sample 0 Volunteer bias a bias in the results of sex surveys that arises when some people refuse to participate so that those who are in the sample are volunteers who may in some ways differ from those who refuse to participate O Purposeful distortion intentionally giving selfreports that are distortions of reality either as enlargement or concealment 0 Memory can also be an issue in responses 0 CASIa method of data collection in which the respondent fills out questionnaires on a computer Headphones and a soundtrack reading the questions can be added for young children or poor readers 0 Ethical Issues 0 Informed consent 0 Protection from harm 0 Justice principlethe risks of participating in research and the benefits of the results of the research should be distributed fairly across groups in society 0 The Kinsey Report 0 Kinsey and his colleagues interviews a total of 5300 malees and 5940 females 0 We have almost no information on how adequate the sample was 0 More than 50 of the interviews were done by Kinsey himself and the interviewers made every attempt to establish rapport with the people they spole to and they treated all reports matterof factly 0 The National Health and Social Life Survey NHSLS An uptodate largescale national survey of sexuality using probability sampling methods to tell us what Americans patterns of sexual behavior are 1994 Researchers obtained an impressively high 80 response rate Data were obtained in face to face interviews with some written questionnaires for extra sensitive topics that were then sealed in an envelope One of the best sex surveys of the general population of the uS that we have today It only sampled people between ages 18 and 59 it didn t include enough people from some statistically small minority groups etc 0 The National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior NSSHB O The most recent major national US sex survey with data collected in 2009 for people between the ages of 14 and 94 Used a combo of random digit dialing of telephone numbers and sampling of residential areas to get their sample People filled out an online survey or a questionnaire if they didn t have access to the internet With a 50 response rate we cannot be sure that the results generalize to the whole population but volunteer bias is always a problem with sex research 0 Sexual Behavior in Britain and Australia 0 Anne Johnson conducted a major British sex survey called National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles NATSAL 14 of the men and 7 of the women had had multiple sex partners in the past 12 months considerably higher than the US Australia Australian Study of Health and Relationships ASHR used computer assisted telephone interviews Their findings indicate that the age of first intercourse has declined over the last several decades consistent with trends in the US Also consistent with the US is that 38 of the men and 27 of the women reported that they used no contraception the first time they had intercourse 0 A Sex Survey of African American and Hispanic Youth 0 Kathleen Ford and Anne Norris 1997 conducted a major sex survey of African American and Latino youth between the ages of 15 and 24 residing in low income neighborhoods 0 The study focused on the respondents networks of sexual relationships Although both Latinos and African Americans were found to form sexual partnerships with another member of their ethnic group Latinos were far more likely to have a partner outside their ethnic group 0 Respondents should be interviewed by an interviewer of the same gender and ethnic background as themselves to establish trust and build rapport Interviewers also have to be ready with a supply of slang terms because many people don t know the scientific names for many things related to sexual health 0 Magazine Surveys 0 Sampling is completely out of control Surveys are distributes to only readers of the magazine and different magazines have different clienteles and response rates are unknown because we can t know how many people saw the survey and did not fill it out Studies of Special Populations 0 Tony Coxon s study of gay men called project SIGMA to understand gay men s sexual behavior in the AIDS era 0 Used snowball sampling a method for acquiring a sample of people in which existing participants suggest names of future participants to be recruited 0 Each participant was provided a multiple page diary to record the events for each day including sexual events a description of the session Whether they reached orgasm used condoms sex toys or drugs etc


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