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Final Exam Review (Autosaved)

by: Nuyev

Final Exam Review (Autosaved) CAD114

Marketplace > University of Miami > Communication > CAD114 > Final Exam Review Autosaved
GPA 3.1
Principles of Advertising

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About this Document

Principles of Advertising
Test Prep (MCAT, SAT...)
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This 14 page Test Prep (MCAT, SAT...) was uploaded by Nuyev on Tuesday February 3, 2015. The Test Prep (MCAT, SAT...) belongs to CAD114 at University of Miami taught by J.Fernandes in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 164 views. For similar materials see Principles of Advertising in Communication at University of Miami.


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Date Created: 02/03/15
Case notes The issues Fred Westen wants to hire a girl named Mimi to become a major part of his business in China However Virginia his assistant nds out information about her on the web including her naked pictures Fred is faced with the dilemma here hiring her and risking to be embarrassed or not hiring her but loosing a great oppourtinitist and a beautiful character Different opinions by different commentators John GPafrey JR clinical professor of law and executive director of berkman center for internet and society at harward law school Fred should certainly follow his instinct and hire Mimi Brewster if everything else checks out Tell her exactly what came up wont loose anything legally allowed CEOs wont nd people who are total saints and didn39t do anything to pop up on the webthey are uninteresting and without chutzpah Digital infromatino can easily be falsi ed if a person has a little bit of expe ence False info travels faster than truth becoming the truth It is essential to bring up the info to the person to clarify Second level of interviewing is important Hiring standarts will have to be changed The pripmary dif culty for digital immigrantssenior execturives people who didn39t immerse in the digital world is that theyre ghting against their own instinct which is to pull the trigger on digital natives The gap will continue to widen between digital immigrants and digital natives until the digital natives become the CEOS and HR exectuvies themselves Jeffrey AJoerres chairman of Manpower an employment services company says The evolution of online media and social networking is changing the employment landscape in many fundamental ways Before background research of an individual existed however it was done after number of interviews and selected as a nalist People with a fresh start didn39t have to worry about their past today its harder to leave their baggage behind even when crossing national borders because the online community doesn39t know borders Mimi acted innapropriate when winking and saying Boss this would be unacceptable in chian Her background in china is not enough to make her a good manager there Firm needs a manager who can build a constructive relationship with the local government People are web oriented can esasily google her The people need a strong modest and humble leader A western style leader will face low productivity levels Online content is public information Dananh M Boyd doctoral candidate and UCB and adviser to major media corporations blooger says Foolish teenager pasts will become part of the cultural fabric Young people are doing what young people always have done they put themselves in public for others to examine teens are working through how others impressions of them align with their self perceptions Web has become both a place for friends and a space to sek attetin If the company doesn39t hire Mimi it looses best minds of the new generation Employers need people who play by rules however they also need creative The new generation isn39t afraid of the public opinion as the old generation was Fred should just talk to her and make sure the material isn39t a future threat Michael Fertik founder and CEO of reputation defender nds and removes unwelcome online content He says if you google anyone hard enough you will nd some dirt New generation doesn39t even go to a second date without googing that person Mimi presents a risk to the company because if pople nd the material they will write about it even more She should have brought those stories to Fred herself to have some control over it She can create a bog or start publishing about her past telling how her perceptions have changed You need to know whats being said about you online Before it would be harder to spread rumours but now its just a click away Travels of a Tshirt in a global economy Week 1 2 notes Globalistation and modernization are creating an increasingly diverse and interconnected world 0 Individuals face collective challenges as societies such as balancing economic growth with environmental sustanablity and prosperity with social equ y This requires that the individuals are mastered more than one certain narrowly de ned skill Hans Eyneck described people in two dimenstions O O O O O O Extraversion vs intraversion the degree tow hich a person is outgoing Neuroticism is the degree to which they are stable 91 of peoples personality behaviours couldn39t be accounted by personality tests Wlater Michels study created a massive debate whats the point of studying personalitiues if its so unpredicitbable Eynesck was saying that you are whats inside your personality Mischel was saying that you are what is outside the situation These created the battle between internal and external forces internal being your own thoughts and feelings versus those of the society 0 Personality traits O O O Excitability Skepticism Cautiousness Reservedness Boldness and Diligence BO36yJJVIMOCTb CKenTIIuII3M OCTOpOKHOCTb 3aMKHyTOCTVI CMEJ39IOCTb VI pruomoome under pressure however individuals can overdepend on those tratis and cause problems for themselves thse tratits may act as obstcales with your effectiveness with clients collagues and supervisors when youre at the top other are less likely to point out your aws derailed executives have problems with interpersonal relationships fail to hire and build a team they do things their own way the leader who shows a lot of excitement and emotions which can be great in motivating the troops But these same traits can also impede success and as a result a leader39s unpredictable mood shifts can drive business decisions o o Johari window Known self things we know about ourselves and others know about ourselves Hidden self things we know about ourselves and others don39t Blind self things others known we don39t Unknown self things no one knows We live in a world where reputation builds trust and visibility creates opportunity gt A person who is not aware of the signals he is sending may also be signaling shallow thinking or de cient people skills gt Whats a personal brand gt People stand out from a crown by articulating their unique value proposition gt Determined by how people perceive you gt De nes your assets and essentialy who you are and what eople seek out for you gt Knowledge values actions and experiences personal brand gt ltsyour unique promise of value to make to your target market that your brand will ful ll gt It clari es and communcitaes what makes you special Groups of different people The friend truly values the relationships with coworkers and joy to work However can get personal and harasser The competitor person sees everyone as rival backstabbing The loudmouth person who never stop at nothing to be heard The gossip needs to not only know personal business of others but spread that information The egomanicac thinks very highly of himself and wants to make sure everyeone does The prankster jokes and pranks with everyone The procrastinator person who overpromises and never delivers waits the The victim somehow everything affects him negatively whiner or complainer The mimic no real personality or afraid to show weirdo The critic person who shoots down the others peoples ideas and plans Personal brand statement should communicate clearly who you are it should be simple and memorable and it should feel inspiring to you Global competence Give personal space different cultures different norms regarding what personal space is public Learn to recognize physical cues must be aware of different cultures cues Learn about their culture learn about greetings the goodbye ritaloas etc Know relationship difference keep the distance Keys for managing your personal brand Be authentic 0 Be yourself you shouldn39t try to be someone else this leads to challenges that will be more dif cult and less successful 0 Know the rules of the game how to play the game in your organization You should know how to apply your knowledge in the organization Work at sharing your knowledge and gifts with others share yourself Value your capital and expertise make sure that you take a spot in the niche Become known for one thing don39t be everything to everyone Value the capital of others differences are strength on a team value what others can bring to the table Cultivate your brand always be mindful of your personal brand pay attention to how others perceive you Empower others to do the same support others among the way 0 The reputation economy how you are periceved online promises how you will deliver of ine 0 Rise of social media makes it imperativemanaging your brand 0 Online information reputation is essential part of he hiring process Klout score measures your value as an inf uencered based on your tweets comments and hshares The measure of your personal power is your klout score Klout de nes in uence as the ability to drive action Klout attemps to bring down complex numbers and values into a single number Week 4 Bringing individuals together is easy but making them perform as a unit is diffuclt De ne and clearly communicate your goals Establish ground rules Identify key roles Create communication guideleines Utilizes a method to resolve con icts Some groups will work best with a single leader some will work best with consensus some with small sub groups Individuals become a group who imply synergy and then transition into a team with not only synergy but also a common goal working together collaboraitevly and the whole is greater than the sum of the parts Your personality impacts 0 Your expectations 0 How you communicate to others 0 How you communicate of others 0 How you deal with con icts How do you know that youre a team 0 Shared goal 0 Working together cooperatiokn 0 Accept one another 0 Accept differences 0 Teams vision above their own bene s Types of teams 0 Decision made by an authority Bene ts takes minimal time commonly used in organizations high on assertiveness scale useful if the group cant come up themselvesdon t have enough skils Weaknesses no team cooperation no group interaction group might not always understand the actions taken sabotage o The decision made by minority Bene ts can be used when not everyone can meet for a decision helpful when only few members have good resources high on assertiveness scae Weaknesses doesn39t utize the reousrces of group members doesn39t establish wide spread commitment to implement the decision low on cooperation scale 0 Decision made by the majority votes Bene ts can be used when complete member commitment is not necessary high on assertiveness scale coses discussion on issues that are not highly imrpotatnt to the grup Weaknesses encourages either or thinking full commitment is absent full bene t of group interaction is not obtainted low on cooperation scale 0 Decision made by consensus Bene ts produces an innovative creative and high quality decision everyone commits uses the resourecs of all members useful in making serious and important decisions Weaknesses takes great deal of time time pressure must be minimal everyone needs to agree 0 Decision made by an expert Bene ts high on assertiveness scale an expertise has more knowledge and skills takes less time than group discussion Weaknesses low on cooperation scale no group interaction or commitment when implementing the decision diffuclt to determine the expert 0 Decision made after averaging group opinion Bene ts high on assertiveness scale can be useful for simple routine decisions useful when its diffuclult to get the group tak together Weaknesses low on cooperation scale limited interactin between members no commitment to implement decision 0 Decision made after group discussion by the authority Bene ts commonly used in organizations highly on assertiveness scae Weaknesses doesn39t develop a commitment to implement the decision doesn39t resolve fon icts members compete to imrress the leader low on cooprration scale The progression of a team Forming stormin norming performing Forming learning about one another and de ning the shared vision Storming working through disagreements Norming choosing ways to work together and guring out group roles Performing working smoothly together experiencing synergy Coming together is a begginign Keeping together is a progress working together is a success Dynamics of a strong team o Create lines of responsibility everyone owns some aspect of the proess Trust econuragement and cooperation each team member should be feeled valued Spend time outside of work to get to know each other 0 Provide opportunity for feedback 0 Help to make sure that eveyr member has talents and skills Culture teaches how to communicate Unicultural one culture one idea Multicultural many cultures many ideas working independently learning about each other no integrating Intercultural many working together learn from each other integrating ideas Transulcutral many cultures ideas merging new approach new culture The value of diverse team work If one can come doesn39t pull everyone down Potential worldwide growth and reputation Increase d job satisfaction More diversity means more solutions to a single problem Greater more sustainsable results lndividualts vs collectivists lndividualists Collectivists Amon individualists social behavior is Among collectivists social behvaiour is guided by ones personal attitudes guided by the group with group motivations and other internal membershib come prescribed duties processes Indidialusts value and reward indiiduals uniqueness and obligations Individalists cultures stress values that bene t the individual person Social behavior is guided by personal goals at the expsne of other type of ggoals People from collective cultures place a high value on harmony getting along and 39saving face39 and they see con ict as a sign of social failure Self is promoted because everyone is unique they develop their abilities and aptitutes people are self reliant and assertive If someone is praised harmony is dirstutesJapan People are not seen as isolated individuals people are interdependaent responsibiltity is shared and accountability is collective US Germany India Lebanon Hawaii south Carolina missisipi South Dakota Colorado north dakota Freedom to choose for oneself people know to be responsible for their own ac ons Individual choice and free will are less likely to be highly valued Unieunqess is valued Collectivists have a good external expolanation for a cause of event fate spiritual demands Believe that there are universal values that should be shared by all Accept that different cultures have different values Norweigans both put society needs above personal but value personal independence gain self esteem Best pracices for team mebmers negotiate communicate in uence The team suffers when Lack of personal discipline opportunites What can you do 0 Help to crearte a shared vision 0 Rules to listen and not to interrupt Members put their personal bene t above the bene t of the team Roles and responsibilities are not clearly states Misundretsatnding and communication problems causes con icts When you have good followrship skills people will want to work with you Building reputation for being a solid teammate positions you for leadership 0 Have debates when necessary sometimes disagreements can be strength Week 5 How does culture in uences individual choices It helps to answer the following questions Am I in control of the happening or am controlled Are rules or relationships more important Am I expected to work alone or with the group Do I show my emotiions or hide them Do I earn reputation or is it given to me Groupthink a tendency is groups to focus rst and foremost on groups conformity often at expenses of making good decisions lndividualistic cultures Personal wishes and interest is more important than the needs of the group Any group commitment is a function of a perceived self bene t A high value is placed on autonomy initative creativity and atutority in decision making Collectivistic cultures Emphasize the needs of the group rather than individual Harmony getting along and mainting face is crucial Group conformity is maintanted at the expense of personal interests Working as a group and supporting others is essential People do whats best for the society Families and communities have central roles Different communication levels of directness Rude blunt direct indirect evasive Some cultures are very direct They don39t like when people beats around the bush Indirect cultures prefer to deal with relational aspects rst and to restore harmony before addressing substantive or challenging issues Direct communicatios Direct communicators Indirect communicators Brutually honest in their interactions Value respecting others If you don39t hold eye contact with them they will think youre hiding something and cant be trusted polite response Courtesy very high always seek out They are comfortaable displaying their emotion outwardly Hesitant in saying bad news Don39t nish sentenece Belive that talk less it better than talk more Coon ict resolution lndividualists collectivists Direct Indirect View con ict as See con ict as a Direct Indirect an inevitable sign of social communicators comnucators failure Con ict is often avoided comfort levels when a con ict happens is low part of lie that must be dealt with think that indirect communcators are evasive wont state an oppinon wont take a stand increase tension by not dealing with issue think direct are Insensitive have no tack nevospitannie are insulting and harsh and rise tension by dealing with the problem in a direct manner High context vs low context cultures High context Low context People know each other for a long period of time people know how t ointeract with each other after many years of experience time Many connections for short period of Asia middle east Africa and south America The US Germany Swiss scandinavia People are aware of who is accepted as group member Rely on precise meaning of the wod High dependence on verbal and non verbal cues Information is transparent and speci c Active listening and observation skills transformable Close relationships for a short period of time knowledge is open and Knowledge is con dential Focus on task and responsibilities Actions made based on personable Reults are top priority relationhips Autothartive gures are in control Low nonverbal cues Implicit messages reading between Simple and clear explicit messages lines Reaction limite Visible outward release of emotions Time is open and exible process is Time is highly organized and nite more imrpotant than message every result is important Doing business in china Workspace partnership is interpreted as GUANXI special relationships due to existence of special pericular ties Positive guanxi amont the colegue and supervisors is stimulus to workplace learning and outcomes The closer the tie the better thework More than just network or connections people trusted enough t odobusiness without legal agreements In india Team expects to be given complete instructions by the boss They follow orders even if they know things are going wrong Team leader sorts out personally any problems Micro management is the key In latin Merica Turst is a personal commodity establishing family and social ties is imrporatnatn before building trust 0 Leader takes care of personal needs of workers and their families IES intercultural effectiveness scale 3D of the IES Continous learning self awareness exploration Interpersonal engagement global mindesnt relationship interest Continos learning open mindedss emotional resilience 0 Shows self awarenss aware of ones personal values strength weakness style and behavior tendencies as well as impact on other people 0 High scores extremely aware Low scores little interest in self discovery Exploration The extent to which is open to and purses an understanding of ideas values norms situations behaviours that are difrent from his own High scores willing to seek out new experiences to change perspective and behavior learn from mistakes Low scroe current habbits traditions and way of thinkins is strongly preffered Global mindset Measures the degree one is actively interesting about learning about other cultures High scores you consistenyl sekek out opportunities to expose yourself to differnet cultures Low scores you rarely engage in activity that will help you to learn more about cultures other than your own Relationship interest Extent to which you are likely to initate and maintanie positive realtionhips with people form other cultures High scores energy producing willing to try to communicate in foreing language Low scores energy delpeting expect others to learn your language Open mindedness the extent to which one passes or withholds judgements to people that are new are you open to other ways of doing things and avoiding stereotypes High score waits to understand the context before judgement Low scores accept stereotypes as ture strong tendancy to make snap judgements Emotioanl resilience ability to cope with challenging emotional experiences asses how quickly one recovers from challenging situatiosn that are outside of their cultural norm High score take time to continue learning about new cultures and create new relaioships Low scores take long time to recover from unfamiliar emotional challenge How does gender affect tteam performance Mix performs better than male or female dominated teams in terms of sales prfotis and earnings Neither women nor men are beter at deliving business outcomes together we are stronger


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