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Psych Exam 2 Notes

by: McKenzie Britain

Psych Exam 2 Notes 105

McKenzie Britain
GPA 3.6
Jessica Kissler

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About this Document

Jessica Kissler
Test Prep (MCAT, SAT...)
75 ?




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This 3 page Test Prep (MCAT, SAT...) was uploaded by McKenzie Britain on Wednesday February 4, 2015. The Test Prep (MCAT, SAT...) belongs to 105 at Washington State University taught by Jessica Kissler in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see Psychology in Psychlogy at Washington State University.


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Date Created: 02/04/15
Monday March 9th 0 Types of Heuristics o Representativeness judgment based on perceived representation Sometimes relies on the representativeness that in more judgment Messages providing representation can be misleading Taliban and ISIS not lslam Illegal Aliens 0 Only 50 from Mexico 0 People overestimate o Overrepresented through media 0 Anchoring and Adjustment Human tendency to rely on initial information when making decision anchor point Subsequent interactions and info make you adjust but around that anchor Negotiating salaries 0 Spiral of Silence 1974Eisabeth Noelle Neumann Tendency of people to remain silent when they feel their views are opposed by a majority Fear of reprisal or being ostracized Affected by 0 Opinion expressed as dominant by mass media Interpersonal support for dominant opinion 0 Amount of people not openly expressing nondominating opinion 0 Cultivation Theory 705 Television viewers are cultivate to view reality similarly to what they watch on television Affects heavy tv viewers Overunder representation can lead to misrepresentation about reality Mean World Syndrome People watch crime shows and think crime is happening more often than it is Wednesday 3112015 Media Violence 0 Recap 0 Representative Heuristic o Anchoring and adjustment heuristic 0 Spiral of Silence 0 Spiral of Silence Global Scale 00000 0 RT is Russian statesupported news Accused of prokremlin bias Coverage of antiPutin protests different from America Governments use media to elicit spiral of silence effects Al Jazeera about RTRussia Today video case study directly relates to this Cultivation Theory Global Perspective 0 O O O 0 How violent is the world we live in Historically earth has never been as peaceful as it is now Number of people killed in battle dropped 1000 fold over centuries Rate of genocide deaths was 1400 times higher in 1942 than in 2008 Rape is down 80 since 1973 0 Why do we perceive a violent world 0 0 quotIf it bleeds it leadsquot rule ofjournalism People need awareness of threats 0 Journalism often take advantage of this human tendency to gain viewership Cultivation theory studies 0 O O O Cultivation appears to work for high income and medium income Works for white but not quotnonwhitequot races Authors believe low income people more accustomed to crime occurring in neighborhood This study was completed in the 19705 0 Some gaming stats 0 000000 Gaming industry made 105 Billion in revenue in 2009 Average age of gamer is 34 Gamers play average of 8 hours per week 40 of gamers female Females prefer wii males prefer Xbox httpswwwvoutubecomwatchvQQZlQDQE3V8 httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvoxtydgFXP4 Friday March 13th 2015 0 Video Games A global perspective 0 O O O The worldwide video game industry grew 9 in 2013 and now exceeds 76 billion with projections it will reach over 86 billion by 2016 The European market for games is almost 20 billion China saw 34 increase in games revenue in 2012 The games industry in India grew 16 in 2012 to 227 million 0 Media violence The evidence 0 Violent media linked to Aggressive thoughts Reduced empathy Perceived Aggression Limitations to studies 0 Survey studies 1 correlation only no causation 2 could be that aggressive people watch violent media 0 Field Experiments 1 do not eliminate selfselection bias due to lack of random assignment 0 Laboratory experiments 1 can show causation because using random assignment eliminates selfselection bias 2 ndings may not re ect what occurs in real world Bobo Doll Study 0 Laboratory setting presents arti cial environment Do effects then represent what occurs in reality 0 Media violence and aggression 0 Evidence that violent media in uences cognitions ie thoughts 0 But the effects likely depend on a number of factors Developmental stages younger children more susceptible to violent media effects Personality traits aggressive prone people more likely to select violent media 0 No conclusive evidence that violent media causes violent acts 0 Video game addiction 0 1981 Jeff Dailey died while playing quotBerzerkquot o 2005 Lee Seung Seop lost his job and became addicted to Starcraft Dies after 50 hours binge session 0 Jan 19 2015 Taiwan man dies after 3 day online gaming binge


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