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BSC 242 - Exam 1

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1 review
by: Sariena Zhang

BSC 242 - Exam 1 BSC 242

Sariena Zhang

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About this Document

It is the whole exam prep for the BSC 242 EXAM 1
Test Prep (MCAT, SAT...)
75 ?




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1 review
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"The content was detailed, clear, and very well organized. Will definitely be coming back to Sariena for help in class!"
Blake Welch

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This 8 page Test Prep (MCAT, SAT...) was uploaded by Sariena Zhang on Thursday February 5, 2015. The Test Prep (MCAT, SAT...) belongs to BSC 242 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 91 views.


Reviews for BSC 242 - Exam 1

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The content was detailed, clear, and very well organized. Will definitely be coming back to Sariena for help in class!

-Blake Welch


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Date Created: 02/05/15
Ch te l mergerf Wiggicza rasaa m e t Qtli g s W I s aneo eneratIon lIVIng cells can arIse gg tgree gEnEIrigldlg cg ltributions of the early microbiologist In a e as gorgttgnnuated and therefore proved that spontaneous WWWWW tailgate VI ea e o rus of en nd CIes gleam ap er ne ionic covalent and hydrogen bonds and provide examples of gelalent Ebonds I I Bonds rongest tscrIBnd iglu s r n th p we was age one or more 0 ac cgtrp gggweegIccrgt1nsc11 if e ligand their Sela ns an e 0 er 0 h pn rous rlczgen Bonds 0 uPrer ea 3quot rane 1 l wlimgg b wor a gezln lg 39 a i tapi39e39bld zg 39 I ues What is e Is 3gpg iegs wrmv et esee l ipg g ln King systems 00 Q t hggeggghcggdhegstion Cohesion H20 H20 Adhesion H20 u39rlglgfeeT SIon T QJ gtbllll Srsoc hlcs39iqcal S ates Li uid solid a ci e n aCId ase salt pH and igu r Jalogac C Lzaghe JQI scale workl Arglda ll hig f tes Into 3 g I log Inlmsglutlon Is quotaes H iI g I39 nit g a wg mategigs Ee nto d geggg In reases aCIdIty daft a a I E l ilg s al il ty i rc9ases a ggmra gn w m Into 395 39 39 st animate a proper In r I uish betweeno a ic and in r a Ic com 0 ds gn39ciamwm gl Wis gargsa Hiydmgen 8t l i iwg e pmdamwgbmem gt I gary Secon ar39y er iary an uaternary structures of ee on en s 3 rfl 3oi5all t if iad l lfm l a W mw eeaehshapes and Coccus cocci spherical Most bacteria are Bacillus bacilli rod monomorphic a few are shaped peomorphic 0 Spiral twisted Arrangement 0 Unusual shapes Star Single Shaped Stella Square 0 Pairs diplococci diplobacilli HaloarCUla Chains streptococci streptobacii Clusters staphylococci We We te aggiigmoggggiegewi was s all an o m aIn ram pOSItne vs ram negatIve gul r nn trFE ra a d es39l quoti 5ear Area Ribos Ir ges and Inclusion Bodies yco augf Via 3nquot barging loose 39g 395 e 9 Hy ay 6 p gs Is neatly Ide allows ce ls cwevent Fla el 0 de of alns of a l 9 cell wall 3 m ng aclgoqg l ggioaork a Monotrichous wl l l bl Amlilhitlichlous39 39 l I 397 l 39DD 5 0 agel A a i s lro he esu e led a 91nger quot ll I cell w I a I r I g O I I 3 C3509 a e lLo hotrichous m l l H P l d Peritrichous Ribos es roteln Synthe5ls proteln proteins and ribosomal RNAs AciflFast bacteria EX Myc ba3cteria and Nocardia quotcous EElp r tic granules ar o ESlBES o acmwe granules hagn tcgsormesr g Irll imcluswlns mgr aeseeeesv o r r 1amp5 Y on H202 3 Pae39ll v isd Ccye39ll vf I c cids IEESE EB l g l r are a I C ut r mem Eggmo lplds I mlr am l c d e plasma e r I I t 39 n EH k5 t0 p0 sang aerrijclleegn laud inks to 39 W9 n e movement of 39 FCn 8mg 2 g u a g mllde II I a m hggn OIIPIe 12 583 1 membrane rl era greenis egralo glgerlrngd sJome are transmembrane ezecm39ge oerrmepaglllt uallgwiovae a lf Sn eaelg39 gu39es 89 3 i 39 men s on ofgings calleecPchromatophores DUDE 39 i Higli allmjs alewleseeaer qayleea um A F143 2w 39l BLampme36 i il ll a e a all m N l I I Yquot 5 momma I f 39 l v r n 2 573 1 ans 39 0 on signcgsimsis acilitated diffusion active ass grim l a quot a39ll llgta rarelalvrgtl analelleairem Grif d il i i1 mag gmemr qllls amge were lerlsporterprotein eede ms 0 I t s X E ma gaggm Enfzljter Wquot 39T p igatsrae res nae sctimosermesbs Opt m 6 sure needed to W Emasrma I C r s ec a er Icavemen o lywat r equal solute 39 39 W ssICaItr e E M Emai w tg Eg y ae Evll g an P hrto c re l em and oca Io IIquot sag315 IX of subsgahces r quires a transporter protein uires enelr an r e 9 rans roci gijscuss the functions of Endospores and the basic sporulation a trans39porteroprotein s a ranspo er pr n s or s Uc cleET not reproductive metapo ism occcurs re dehy draltedz rJIe to eSIccatI n ea chemIcals les Inc u e Rhthrax and Botulism Io El39 3 86 rarirsssreisrrssggs s normal state GE W333quot E m m Spurs septum begins ls ismlists newly srsplisslsd DNA and s smslll psrtinrrsrl sylsplssnrl I9 Plasma membrane starts is surmund DI39II II I IF lssjr39ns 7 sytsnlssml and membrane Isisisles ill39l slsp membrane Bacterial shImmussms ENE Eper septum surmunds isglxtsd partisanquot farm in g lsrsspsrs la Sporul ali an the pmsess all endssper form aIliIJrI re i gaee feh e g gg geagljtrglder nembraneenclosed structures to the it srar TWG Irrismhrsnss I if 3 hro os mes ce or c emIcaI reactIons and serves as a id s nt esis sire Isser andrans err Ion an se I len Eycrreilg an UIdedBro eInq om rER to GoIgI lacrhres Ira Ign l lprg uuclt fnr n aESQ digatty aCIds destroys H202 mn Varf gtlt m 3 03 Co 953 IT 3 6039 n O nc 0 O OCDB 55 m 5T2 03 Owe m OCDO lt CQID 2m Iv eSIs en ro o canIs s pfroteI bers and centrIoes en rIo ebI o I I e orma Ion n n 0 IOI eor X aaisryme or39gcm 0 9 aryotes from prokarYotes i ch rr mast i blmt esgyvn DNA and Ribosome Nitmishandrionl ElV I39 0390 ste gli39 amrjlnsER some I enz mes I39m 39 9 399 a 1 D I k ea ii 393 1 5 39 5 5 33 gt3 use 39 1 I 5quot EE quot 393 5 n to nasal as 9n I 4 LV rrle l km 3 A g 13 gnd contr39at the overall cell structure of prokaryotes Glycoc x s I rs proteins 6 rd r o Eggig rm Phospholipid bilayer Peripheral proteins Integral proteins Selective permeability allows passage of some molecules Transmembrane proteins Simpie diffusion Sterols cholesterol Facilitative diffusion ergosterol DUDE Osmosis Glycocalyx carbohydrates Active transport FRQSSXty ESEis Pseudopods extend and engulf particles Pinocytosis cell drinking Membrane folds inward bringing in uid and dissolved substances Eukaryotic cell M sm membrane Substance inside plasma and outside as F uid rtio ofc opa m e eion Wcro ansi tis rii iiarg39 sp a39Errr i tlif uail L tt BH es g a ic streaming 95 39 amgtgml39 agggg g ibe the fundamental differences 0 o t e chemica reactions within a cell Catabolism reactions that break down more complex compounds into simpler ones and release energy that can be trapped for storage in compounds such as ATP energy ADP Pi ATP Anabolism reactions that synthesize more complex compounds from simpler ones with the input of energy from hydrolysis of highenergy compounds such as ATP ATP D ADP Pi energy 2 What is the role of ATP as an intermediate between cataboism and anabolism Simple molecules such as glucose amino acids glycerol and fatty acids Heat released Anabolic reactions transfer energy from ATP to complex Catabolic reactions transfer energy from complex molecules to ATP molecules Complex molecules such as starch Heat proteins and lipids raleased I Catabolism provides the o A metabolic pathway is a building blocks and energy sequence of enzymatically for anabolism catalyzed chemical reactions in a cell Metabolic pathways are determined by enzymes Enzymes proteins are encoded by genes DNA The collision theory states that chemical reactions can occur when atoms ions and molecules collide Activation energy is needed to disrupt electronic con gurations so a reaction can occur Reaction rate is the frequency of collisions with enough energy to bring about a reaction Reaction rate can be increased by enzymes or by increasing temperature or pressure 3 What is an enzyme Biological catalysts Speci c for a chemical reaction not used up in that reaction Apoenzyme protein Cofactor Nonprotein component Fe Mg Ca Zn Coenzyme Organic cofactor NAD FAD Important Coenzymes NADH NAD NADPH NADP FADH2 FAD Coenzyme A Holoenzyme Apoenzyme cofactor coenzyme Substrates bind in the Active Site of the enzyme ff M na 39 fnt by protein denaturation and how would this geencatura t iszoin 0 a protein involves the breakage of hydrogen bonds and other noncovalent bonds ex D The transformation of uncooked egg White a protein called albumin to a hardened state by heat Denaturation of an enzyme changes the arrangement of the amino acids in the active site altering its shape and causing the enzyme to lose its catalytic ability Enzymes can also be denatured by concentrated acids bases heavymetal ions such as lead arsenic or mercury alcohol and ultraviolet radiation f th cl si c ti n f nenzayme ab o r actions EXC tochrome Igg g g gagoups D EX Acgtate kiynase D y o SIS X Li ase ucrase g 5 swit out hydrol SIS EX Oxalate gg lg 95 ms X G ucose 39 39a nIng o molecu es uses EX AcetylCoA synthetase Eg39 r cg t ngmmntenzamamm y w d0 The Mechanism of Enzymatic Action it Reaction Activation without enzyme energy without enzyme Activation Reactant Reaction energy with enzyme with enzyme EFWHEE J 5 39 39 V quot 39 nzyme eac Ion ESgtESgtEP a Enzyme binds substrate b Enzyme stresses bonds Mgrmed and released Active site gc t IE to Its H Egm a aa i m this oshmgppmo Enzymatic activity D 2 4 6 8 10 2 at 55Wfmtet itw 39 m wa ly a Elia a a e fete irate r os erlc hat2 ea B g ltgraergamga wacwt39onww ticsm Iseg lgx aecign rrceg ftion r lewr avrgdcdctlczm atc 1 r steBTi lo ijlaEF396 l 39E gt sea9et6 Wd Hations OF 3 I ADP eggsphorylation reactions that generate sp or I II I IIQT39T39 ylation of ADP Adenosine Energy emu amen IaAIIee39 3939 C39 is the transfer of a high F 3 quot F I A TNT H F Fquot I ATTquot 39d t39 Ph h l P XI a IV 0121 asdbf or a Ion tr I h 3900 as orvla i i I r Ergm 39w g lmno W We Saee39y IC IC Iho Irohc Purlo E H Space boomer outer and inner mitochondrial membranes 39 7 i 39139 H l M A 39 w r r rill vl rl39l 1 a 1 L 93 91 i IL39LII KL39 Iquot 39 spiratl a C is m ant by Fi39r qi ctr 7 396 quot g D 5 391 IIquot quot V quot l39 l39I ll r I39 v i l 11quot quot 1 I LJ 1Fquot ra I a I r r I a It 390 bl r 4H 39 39Ta t8 3 naiaqserna 39 a 0 V 2 1w NADH dehydrogenase Cytochrome b cl Cytochrome complex complex oxidase complex 5 WEE nnghteh 39Y 9 3L of glycolysis The nal at OCCUI S gmmaw Lactic cid Q39QUGK ferm 0 ol ctc age Geigsg igm ar gagm w wa39coho39 r beer read ntatiotn Pro ce lactic atcid rmen atton o ces lac c acrd only I ermen a Ion ro uces ac IC acrd an other X aIr er entatlcEn chees gogurt 9 Ir 511 a app I s sauerkraut soy sauce sour in IICC H o nonl cfo In ho rafahnlicm n39F 39Faic and proteins I Beta oxidatio m 57243 A i ca 39 s 39 39 739 39 398 298 i rmware WEE S Err quot anisms autotrpphs and theIr relationship to and A at are 2 ways that cells quot E r 1 i


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