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by: Madelon Morford


Madelon Morford
Emory University
GPA 3.4

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About this Document

math, reading, writing SAT notes
Test Prep (MCAT, SAT...)
SAT, SAT prep, SAT notes, SAT math, SAT reading, SAT writing, full text prep
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This 6 page Test Prep (MCAT, SAT...) was uploaded by Madelon Morford on Monday February 22, 2016. The Test Prep (MCAT, SAT...) belongs to SAT PREP at Emory University taught by in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 23 views.

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Date Created: 02/22/16
No outside knowledge Watch out for erroneous words tucked inside a good answer IF ONE WORD IS WRONG THEN THE WHOLE STATEMENT IS WRONG The answer will always have the same wording or paraphrased wording as the passage NO SUBJECTIVE ANSWERS Adverbs hint it may be subjective (ly words) - “unusually” If I must think “well maybe” “sorta” “kinda” ITS WRONG WRONG ANSWERS Imposter- one word that isn’t right or isn’t in the passage Absolutes- words that leave no wiggle room- ALWAYS, NEVER, ONLY Quotations are 60% sarcasm! Short freestanding Watch out for imposters Short comparison Bulk label- 1 or 2 or ½ Answer 1, answer 2, and then answer 1/2 Medium to Long- Read the questions Read italics Read intro Do line reference- 5 above, 5 below  Go to the questions, find the lione reference questions, bracket them throughout the passage Read conclusion Do the analytical questions Medium comparison Bulk label Read 1, answer 1 (including analytical) Read 2, answer 2 (including analytical) Answer ½ Vocab-in-context Go to line, CROSS OFF WORD (NOW DEAD TO YOU) Plug in each answer to see which is right You NEED to go back to the passage because it will give you CONTEXT Authors tone will never be: crazy, apathetic, or puzzled (CUT THE CRAP) Don’t use lines that are far away from the referred line to justify your answer!! Primary point of a passage: what would you send as a short text to your friend describing the passage? LAST- IF TRUE, IF AVALIBLE, MOST, EXCEPT, UNDERMINE/UNDERSCORE/EMPHASIZE Vertex at (h,k) Functions Math Fundamentals Even: f(x) =f (-x) Integers- all numbers, including negatives Fold over axis and 0 Odd: -f(x) =f (-x) Rational Numbers- fractions and decimals Rotate graph 180 Irrational Numbers- Pie, Square Root of 2, etc. 3D Formulas Prime Vs. Composite Cube- x (x = side length) Cylinder- Pie x R x H Prime- two factors: 1 and itself  1 is not prime Square pyramid- 1/3 x L x W x H  Negative numbers are never prime Rectangular prism- L x W x H  2 is the only even prime number Other- Abasex H Composite- more than 2 factors 2 2 2 Distance- square root of (L) + (W) + (H) Reciprocal Example: 3----- 1/3 or 3-1 Surface Area of 3D SLOPE REFLECTION Cube- 6x (x being the side length) Y = x+2 Rectangular prism- 2LW + 2LH + 2HW Flip over y-axis Y = -x+2 Flip over x-axis Y = -x-2 Example: y = 4x+3 Fractions Reflected over the x-axis would be y = -4x-3  Dividing by a fraction- take the Reflected over the y-axis would be y = -4x+3 reciprocal of the fraction and multiply Graph Transformations by the real # Calculator Tricks 1. Y = x open up 2. Y = -x open down 3. Y = 4x narrow Greatest Common Factor- Math- Num- GCD- 4. Y = 1/4x fatter (#,#) 5. Y = x+4 up 4  Same for least common multiple 6. Y = x-4 down 4 7. Y = (x+4) LEFT 4 8. Y = (x-4) RIGHT 4 Remainders- EP BASIC2 #3 Factoring Quadratics- EP BASIC1 #1 Vertex nd Y = a(x-h) +k 2 enter will reincarnate previous formula used! MATH  Obtuse­ a2 + b2 is less than c2  Right ­ a2 + b2 = c2 Grid­Ins 1.  Equilateral­ 3 sides, 3 angles equal  1. Don’t grid in mixed numbers 1 ½ should be  2. Isosceles­ 2 equal sides, 2 equal angles  3. Scalene­ 3 different side lengths and angle  either 2/3 or 1.5  sizes  2. Do not enter 0.6, just grid in .6 3. Always put extra decimals if applicable,  makes the answer more precise  4. Never negative 5. GUESS ½, 2 OR 3  Common triplets: 3,4,5 5,12, 6,8,10 Line­ 180 13 7,24, 8,15, Multi Triangle­ 180  25 17 ples  Circle­360 of 5  Quadrilateral­ 360  Isosceles RIGHT Triangle ­ S, S, S square root 2   Complementary­ CORNER Supplementary­ STRAIGHT  30­60­90 Triangle­ 2X, X, X square root of 3     Fat = Fat, Skinny = Skinny  POLYGON   (Stick 2 of these together and you Number of Interior Degrees in a Polygon  get an equilateral!)  Circle   (n­2) * 180 Number of Degrees in each Interior Angle  C= 2*Pie*R or C= Pie*D  (n­2) * 180 / n  A= Pie*R (squared)  Number of Diagonals in a Polygon  Sectors and Arc Lengths  (n­3) * n / 2 Triangles  Acute­ a2 + b2 is greater than c2 Part/whole = Degree/360 = %/100 = Area/ Pie*R  (squared) = Circumference/ 2Pie*R  Rectangles 1. 2 congruent sides  2. 2 perpendicular sides LEARN DIFFERENCE:  Respectfully/ respectively  Proceed/ precede  Principal/ principle 


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