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Notes from 9/16

by: Autumn Ferguson

Notes from 9/16 HIS 100

Autumn Ferguson
Ruling the Ancient World
Dr. David Blaylock

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About this Document

We went over ancient China and a few different dynasty's. Includes places you need for ID.
Ruling the Ancient World
Dr. David Blaylock
Test Prep (MCAT, SAT...)
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This 2 page Test Prep (MCAT, SAT...) was uploaded by Autumn Ferguson on Wednesday September 16, 2015. The Test Prep (MCAT, SAT...) belongs to HIS 100 at Eastern Kentucky University taught by Dr. David Blaylock in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 61 views. For similar materials see Ruling the Ancient World in History at Eastern Kentucky University.


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Date Created: 09/16/15
A major factor to Ancient China was the Yellow River The Yellow River didn39t ow very well and would over ow Therefore whoever controlled this river and its ooding was emperor There are actually some places where the river was 40ft above ground because of the walls built around it to keep it from over owing Communication within China wasn t easy being that there were and are more languages there than any other part of the world It was spread down that there were cultural heroes one person who taught the people how to grow crops and such agriculture and one person who taught reading and so on Yellow Emperor 5000BC Yellow was the color of the emperor The soil deposit in the Yellow River was yellow turning the river yellow The Yellow emperor is said to have created China invented the northern compass and invented money His top advisor created writing His wife created sericulture Sericulture is silk The story goes that she was drinking hot tea and trying to gure out what to give her husband for his birthday As she was contemplating this a cocoon fell into her tea It broke apart and into strands She gather more cocoons and dropped them in hot water then had the strands made into cloth thus creating silk Yao and Shun dynasty 3000BC Yao and Shun are the model emperors Yao ruled because he was considered the most virtuous man in China He ruled with his virtue and strove to become more sincere every day Shun was his successor but he was not related to Yao Shun was chosen because Yao chose him because of his virtue Shun was abused as a child and his parents almost killed him by drowning Even through all this Shun still obeyed them Historians Dilemma There39s this guy named Sima Xien He wrote a collection of Chinese history and put in there three dynasties Xia 218317523C Shang 175211123C and Zhou 111224SBC In the 1900 s historians found records proving that the Zhou dynasty did exist but there were no records of the Xia or Shag dynasties In the 192039s Oracle Bones popped up in the black market A historian found them and realized that they were full of ancient Chinese markings possibly giving proof to the Shang dynasty They had the mark of the emperor a 5clawed dragon on them He found a cave that had hundreds of oracle bones that gave proof to the Shang Dynasty Oracle bones were used for fortune telling and for questions to the gods Basic questions like if the harvest will do well this year and if the emperor39s toothache is from his greatgrandfathers ghost These bones told historians what the Shang dynasty was about They found Jade items and knife blades that dated older than the Shang dynasty However these were not enough proof to say that yes the Xia dynasty did exist Some of the best bronze work came from china They had bronze pieces that had holes in them for the gods Not exactly practical but they39re for the gods so who cares It is believed that the Zhou dynasty actually merged with the Shang dynasty The Zhou Dynasty used the well eld system The emperor had land that he couldn39t personally oversee so he appointed territorial Lords to watch over these lands and the people in them These Lords did not own the land the land belonged to the emperor The Lords had to pay tribute to the emperor meaning they just had to give the emperor stuff from the land they were overseeing Stuff like horses cattle harvest etc and would give the emperor people for his army if need be The point of this system was a means to control There were rules the Lords had to follow 1 Emperor owns the land and rules it Therefore he can do whatever he wants to do If he doesn39t like the Lord he can strip him of his title and kick him out of China and appoint someone else if he wanted to 2 The emperor can come inspect the land Whenever he wanted to 3 The Lords were to make yearly tributes to the emperor and give him a facetoface report on how things are going 4 The emperor appoints who becomes the successor of the Lord The Lords son doesn39t automatically become the successor If the Lord had more than one son from various wives or concubines the oldest son from the rst wife got his things over the second wife or the concubine There were 5 ranks of nobility If a Noble man died of the 1st rank all his possessions and his rank would be passed down to his rst son His other sons would go down to the 2nCI rank If a man of the 5th rank of nobility died all his possessions and rank would go to his rst son and his other sons would be stripped of their nobility This process would be repeated through each rank not just those 2 speci cally Be able to nd Yellow River Yangtze Yellow Sea Southeast Asia and South China Sea on the Ancient world map


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