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Kevin Briggs Extra Credit Talk

by: Meagan Brant

Kevin Briggs Extra Credit Talk 433

Marketplace > Ball State University > Sociology > 433 > Kevin Briggs Extra Credit Talk
Meagan Brant
GPA 3.656
Sociology of Mental Health

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About this Document

I went to a Mental Health and Wellness talk to hear Kevin Briggs, San Francisco bridge patrol officer talk about how he helps people when they are attempting suicide off the bridge.
Sociology of Mental Health
Test Prep (MCAT, SAT...)
San Francisco; patrol; officer; patrol officer; Kevin Briggs; Kevin; Briggs; suicide; awareness; suicide awareness;
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This 3 page Test Prep (MCAT, SAT...) was uploaded by Meagan Brant on Sunday September 20, 2015. The Test Prep (MCAT, SAT...) belongs to 433 at Ball State University taught by Gong in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see Sociology of Mental Health in Sociology at Ball State University.


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Date Created: 09/20/15
Meagan Brant 14 September 2015 Kevin Briggs Talk Emens Auditorium Be a Goldfish Suicide Awareness Active Minds a newly founded organization on Ball State University s campus thoughtfully reached out to Kevin Briggs former guard at the Golden Gate Bridge to come talk to us about suicide prevention Why merely a guard at the Golden Gate Bridge Well according to the statistics of Briggs there were around 60 suicide attempts and successes off the bridge in the year 2013 His job is a giver along with many other tasks he is trained to talk with people who are attempting suicide to climb back over the railing He provides a smiling face and a listening ear to those who think that it is too much He begins the speech by explaining his story He explains that he understands what it is like to have a life full of hurt and let down He was part of the US army and after two years learned that he had testicular cancer Soon after his treatment was a success he learned that his mother was diagnosed with lung cancer and later passed away Not long after he was diagnosed with heart trouble in which he now has 3 stints in his heart And finally his exwife divorced him by writing suicide letters to both of their boys and the last search on her computer was how to load a gun Luckily she caught help and is now healthy After he explained his story it allowed me to realize why he is personally connected to the job he had for 23 years and why he goes around to different parts of the world to speak so passionately about this topic He later reveals the main reason for his passion of communication to schools At the age of 16 his oldest son was cutting himself due to depression from lack of belonging feeling as though he was not appreciated by his father and believed that the divorce of his parents was somehow his fault From this he had a slide show explaining his personal Quality of Life Triad consisting of self care assistance and support His 23 years of guarding the Golden Gate Bridge allowed him to gain a true understanding of what those on the other side need He said he loved his work because he knew that a listening ear was really all the person needed He explains in his presentation the things he learned not to say that were offensive the motions to not go through with because it may cause the person to jump sooner and the relationship you must build in order to build rapport He strongly believes in medication for illness such as severe depression because his work has made him believe just this He explains that many of those who are standing on the other side have stopped their medication have no plans for the future and are maxed out on their coping mechanisms as we discussed with Stress Theory in class with the lovely demonstration from our class mates I believe this talk was very moving and powerful Not only did he give a how to guide but he showed personal photographs of people standing on the opposite side of the bridge He shared stories that ended well and stories that ended poorly But it was not until the question and answer session at the end of the talk that I knew that his words were much more than just words to many in the audience Every single person that asked a question started with I want to thank you so much for speaking about this topic It is something that gets brushed over in society In his presentation he explains that with stats from 2013 there are around double the deaths from suicide because of mental illness than there are traffic fatalities Yet our society chooses to invest more money in decreasing the traffic fatalities and brush over the mental health illness issues It is a cultural stereotype that needs to be abolished and understood more closely Finally I titled my work Be a Goldfish because he shared a story with us that really stuck with me One day on the job he was helping a man talking to him and attempting to create rapport and commonalities so that a certain trust would be built He thought it be appropriate to ask the man what he was looking forward to tomorrow The man replied that he needed to feed his goldfish The goldfish was his social connection his livelihood and what his purpose in life was He needed to keep that goldfish alive After this realization he stepped back over safely on the other side It was merely a goldfish and an actively listening ear that saved a mans life Be a goldfish to someone in need Be the reason the person who believes in them that they don t jump You have to let them know they have a strong support system And it starts with you


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