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Practical Exam 1

by: Valerie Ho

Practical Exam 1 209

Valerie Ho
GPA 3.53
research methods
Jacqueline Pickrell

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About this Document

research methods
Jacqueline Pickrell
Test Prep (MCAT, SAT...)
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This 8 page Test Prep (MCAT, SAT...) was uploaded by Valerie Ho on Thursday October 8, 2015. The Test Prep (MCAT, SAT...) belongs to 209 at University of Washington taught by Jacqueline Pickrell in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 600 views. For similar materials see research methods in Psychlogy at University of Washington.


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Date Created: 10/08/15
Psychology 209 Exam 1 Version B Dr Jacqueline Pickrell Questions 1 Today s test was primarily about correlation yet the teacher said it would cover both variables and correlation The students in the class are quite upset yet the professor uses this as a teaching moment and notes that their concerns center on which concept from psychological testing A Criterion Validity B Content Validity C Face Validity D Predictive Validity Convergent and Discriminant validity are both elements of which of the following types of validity A Content B Criterion C Face D Construct A set of formal statements that specifies how and why variable or events are related is an A Theory B Hypothesis C Causal chain D Assumption An otherwise healthy but alcohol dependent exhibits abnormalities of brain electrophysiology Suppose that brain electrophysiology was not measured before this patient began drinking heavily This situation illustrates a case in which causal inference is not possible because the conditions of has not been established A Covariation B Temporal Order C Absence of plausible alternative explanation D replication Sarah is designing a research study in which she will compare the standardized test performance of two groups of 18yearold women All of the tests will occur on Wednesday at 2pm in a brightlylit laboratory which has been meticulously decorated to look like a classroom Participants will have a maximum of 50 minutes to complete their testing session The same female research assistant will administer all of the tests The way in which Sarah is designing her study suggests that she is most interested in which of the followinh A Prediction B description C Control D Assumption Your class requires each student to give a 20minute presentation on a proposed research project After your teacher says he is looking for good presentations you ask for a definition of good You seem to have a proper understanding of which concept A Reductionism B Falsifiability C Operationism D Reliability A new measure of intelligence has the advantage of being shorter than most existing measures The new IQ test correlates in a positive and strong way with a wellestablished test of intelligence This correlation is good evidence of which of the following A Face Validity B Content Validity C Discriminant Validity D Convergent Validity For decades scientists and the general public were convinced that gastric ulcers resulted from a high level of difficult decisionmaking and that the treatment was a bland diet We now know this view is simply wrong What is one likely explanation that this incorrect view of the cause of ulcers was held on for so long before being completely dismantled A Tenacity B Reasoning C Empiricism D Operationism In geography class a substitute teacher misinforms her students by telling them that there are no deserts in the continental United States The students believe her This situation exemplifies which of the following methods by which people come to hold beliefs about the world A Tenacity B Authority 10 11 12 13 14 C Reason D Skepticism Developing knowledge by collecting and assessing information directly through our senses is a description of which approach to how we gain knowledge A Nativism B Sensation C Empiricism D Correlation In her research Dr Pickrell records videos of dentistpatient interactions and then applies a coding system to categorize these interactions into analyzable units What basic goal of science is being addressed in this scenario A Description B Explanation C Replication D Control Which of these is the LEAST useful database to be used in accessing researchbased information on the topic of psychotherapy A PsychARTICLES B PsychINFO C MEDLINE D Google A researcher is interested in studying the effects of caffeine zero ad high and the new sleeping medication Knockmeout in either 50mg 100mg 150mg or 200mg tablets on sleep length What are the Independent Variables IVs and the Dependent Variables DVs in this study A IVs are caffeine and sleeping medication DV is sleep length B IV is sleep length DVs are caffeine and medication C IV is caffeine DVs are sleep length and medication D IV is medication DVs are sleep length and caffeine A college class has 20 students all of whom are written normal range or weight neither thin nor overweight On the second day of class a 375 pound defensive lineman from the football team joins the class Which of the following statistics is most likely to be affected the most if we describe the weights of the current class of students now A Mode 15 16 17 18 B Medium C Range D Mode and mean equally Which of the following distributions would have the highest standard deviation This question requires no calculation to answer A 0 1 2 3 4 B1011121314 C 15 16 17 18 19 D 20 24 26 28 30 A student has just run her inferential statistics and found that the results were statistically significant at the 5 level When she rushes excitedly to her professor with the news what is the professor likely to say A There is more than a 5 chance that the results have practical significance B There is a 5 chance that the results were due to chance factors C Congratulations the results indicate that the dependent variable in uenced the IV D Fantastic you have found that the IV and the DV are correlated beyond a chance level A doctoral student in nursing is proposing a study of the process that leads to a decision to use the services of hospice for terminally ill patients The entire study involves the use of existing data that will be stripped of all identifying information How will the IRB handle this proposal A The entire committee will consider the proposal like other research B Family members of the deceased must agree before the IRb grants approval C Because the study occurs in a medical setting it will undergo consideration by separate medical panel appointed by the IRB D This study is deemed eligible for exempt status and will not undergo a full review A researcher proposes to compare the ability of collegeage individuals to those over age 65 in learning a new computer program The proposed research is submitted as being only minimal risk In contrast to his expectation the IRB rejected the proposal in its current form What is a likely reason that the project was rejected A People over age 65 are considered a protected group under federal law and may not be participants in research B Those over age 65 may become frustrated by the task and thus their participation might put them above minimal risk C The older group would likely be subjected to ridicule from the younger group and thus would not be able to perform at expected levels 19 20 21 22 23 D the two groups are too disparate to make meaningful comparisons and thus would not lead to any socially meaningful and beneficial results If a researcher is using code numbers assigned to each participant and key personnel are the only ones with access to the list matching the code with the participants the researcher is most concerned with which of the following A Anonymity B Confidentiality C Anonymity and confidentiality D Anonymity but not confidentiality What is the major rationale for providing the information that comprises informed consent A To reduce the chances that the participants will file a legal challenge B To allow participant to make a voluntary choice C To assure that the data collected will be valid D To allow participants to assess whether their compensation is adequate Threeyearold Jenny and her mother are potential participants in a study of parentchild interactions The researchers are obligated to obtain which of the following from Jenny A Verbal Arrangement B Assent C An indication such as a nod that she will cooperate D Consent Most federal regulations related to the use of animals in research focus on the Three R s which are A Reduction Refinement and Replacement B Replication Research and Redevelopment C Registration Requirements and Regulations D Reuse Replacement and redesign Two students are arguing whether sex is a variable One argues that it is and the other that is it not Which of the following is the most persuasive argument A It is not because it is biological in nature B It is because it can take on two or more values C It is not because one is either male or female D It is because it can be measured quantitatively 24 A researcher decides to investigate the amount of alcohol consumed in one hour and where the alcohol was consumed in a laboratory or in a bar setting on reaction time and number of errors on an attention task How many qualitative and how many quantitative variables are included in this study A All are quantitative variables B Two quantitative and two qualitative variables C Three quantitative and one qualitative variables D One quantitative and three qualitative variables 25 In order to test the effects of various ways of teaching a faculty member gives either frequent quizzes or longer exams In addition some of her classes receive study guides whereas others do not At the end of the term she looks at the average grade in the classes and the number of students that failed the class Identify the IVs and DVs in this research A Type of testing and availability of study guides are the IVs average grade and percent failing are the DVs B Awareness of pending exams and type of exam are the IVs the DV is average grade in the class C The average grade and the percent failing the class are the IVs the type of testing and the availability of the study guides are the DVs D IVs are the study guides the DVs are the exam scores final grades and the percent failing the class 26 Psychologists have tried to explain why some people become paramedics and others become accountants why some eat exotic foods and others stick to meat and potatoes why some experiment with drugs and others stay away One explanation is a personality characteristic called sensation seeking Thus sensation seeking would seem to be a good example of which of the following A Construct B Validity C Dependent Variable D Confounded Variable 27 According to researchers cell phone use and driving performance are affected by a variable that temporally lies between them What is the name for this type of variable A Correlated Variable B Confounded Variable C Moderator Variable D Mediator Variable 28 Which of the following lists the four scales of measurement from the one conveying the least information to the one conveying the most information A Ordinal Interval Nominal Ratio B Interval Ordinal Ratio Nominal C Ordinal Nominal Interval Ratio D Nominal Ordinal Interval Ratio 29 There is an ongoing debate among psychologists as to what type of measurement scale is actually used when assessing characteristics such as personality ie Likert scales What two scales of measurement are at the center of this debate A Nominal and Interval B Ratio and Interval C Ordinal and Ratio D Interval and Ordinal Answers 1 B 2 D 3 A 4 B 5 C 6 C 7 D 8 A 9 B 10 C 11A 12D 13A 14 C 15D 16B l7D 18B 19B 20B 21B 22A 23B 24 C


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