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HFT 4323 Exam 2 study guide

by: Karina

HFT 4323 Exam 2 study guide HFT 4323

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About this Document

This document will help prepare student for the second exam of this course.
Test Prep (MCAT, SAT...)
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This 6 page Test Prep (MCAT, SAT...) was uploaded by Karina on Sunday January 4, 2015. The Test Prep (MCAT, SAT...) belongs to HFT 4323 at Florida International University taught by in Fall2014. Since its upload, it has received 166 views.

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Date Created: 01/04/15
TEST 2 Chapter 5 1515 142 AM 9 Water Terms Fixture used in a variety of ways throughout the building to describe plumbing electrical and a number of other types of equipment Plumbing fixtures are items such as sink faucets bathtub faucets showerheads and toilets Flow pressure Flow pressure is measured in pounds per square inch PSI in the United States The pressure is the amount of pressure that is exerted inside the plumbing pipes near the fixture through which the water will emerge Flow volume The volume of water that flows through a fixture is measured in gallons per minute gpm Gravity Pressure drop 9 Water Supply Distribution Systems Constant pressure systems 0 Use a pump to provide a constant supply of water throughout the building Gravity fed or downfeed systems 0 Large quantity of water or that is higher than a few floors requires very large pumps and large amounts of energy to provide water on demand 0 Water tanks located in areas like the roof 9 Sewer systems Liquid waste is called effluence City sewers o The city39s municipal water authority will be responsible for not only supplying water to the building but also for disposing of the water once it has been used 0 Use of ejector pumps will be needed to pump the waste up and out of the building and into the sewer system Septic systems 0 Used when a city sewer system isn39t available the building owner needs to dispose of wastewater on site using a septic system 0 COTCAM Color Is the water colorless or is it brown gray reddish or another color Odor Does the water have an odor Common odors include chlorine sulfur and a metallic smell caused by iron in the water Taste Is the water tasteless or is there a taste of chlorine salt or metal Clarity Is the water crystal clear or is there cloudiness or sediment floating in the water Acidityalkalinity Mineral content is a sub meter A water management program Finding the lost drip Individual meters that are installed to measure water usage within the building 9 Water comes in three colors Clear Gray Black 9 How much do we pay for water The two components that a property manager will be able to control are the consumption charge and the sewer charge 0 Consumption charge based on the amount of water used in ccf s o Sewer charge usually calculated based again on the number of ccf s that were consumed TEST 2 Chapter 7 1515 142 AM 9 What is heat It is a form of energy Sensible heat heat that you can feel It is measured by a typical thermometer which measures the drybulb temperature of the air or an object Sensible heat does not account for any sensation of heat that is influenced by the humidity in the air Latent heat sensible heat plus the effects of the quantity of water in the air Relative humidity refers to the quantity of water vapor that39s in the air compared to the total amount of water that the air could hold before the water condenses 0 Higher temps can hold more water lower temps can hold less water Dew point the temperature at which the humidity in the air will condense into a liquid Evaporation the transformation of liquid into a vapor or gas Water evaporates into the air to add moisture to the air Airconditioning isn39t a necessarily cooling air This is the air we have manipulated to achieve certain qualities to meet our needs 0 Human comfort ASHRAE defines comfort air conditioning as the process of treating aire so as to control simultaneously its temperature humidity cleanliness and distribution to meet the comfort requirements of the occupants of the conditioned space Radiant heat the simple movement of heat from one object to another without the effects of air movement or liquid evaporation 9 Comfort zone Thermostat A device that senses changes in the air temperature and communicates with the hearing and cooling system to adjust the temperature of the air being supplied 0 2 types mechanical and digital 9 Where does cold air come from Heating loads Objects or processes that take away heat are creating a heating load There aren39t many internal heating loads for most hospitality buildings 0 Internal heating loads include open doors to coolers or freezers in the kitchen or very cold objects being brought into the building In contrast to internal heating loads there are many external heating loads for most buildings particularly in cooler climates o The major factor is the outdoor air temperature and relative humidity Infiltration happens when cold air from the outside gets into the building through the opening and closing of exterior doors and from poor seals and cracks in the building39s walls and windows 0 Infiltration LEAKAGE of hot air 9 Centralized systems Centralized heating systems provide heat through either hot water or steam that is heated in one location of the building Fan Coil Heating Systems 0 A fan coil is a piece of equipment that has water heated or cooled circulating through a series of pipes coils o A fan blows air across the pipes to provide heating or cooling to the room 0 The water in the pipes is water that was heated or cooled in a central location and circulated throughout the building TEST 2 Chapter 8 1515 142 AM 9 Heat Heat always flows from a warmer object to a colder object The temperature that we read on a thermometer is a measure of sensible heat or the heat that is detected by the thermometer drybulb temp 9 Cold There is no such thing as cold Cold is merely the absence of heat 9 Refrigeration Cycle Vaporcompression refrigeration cycle closed cycle because no part of it is exposed to the surrounding environment or mixes directly with air or water 1 Compressor Provides energy to transfer heat The refrigerant gas is compressed into a hot high pressure gas by a compressor 2 Condenser Heat is rejected After the gas is compressed it travels to a condenser where it is cooled As the refrigerant cools it condenses into a liquid state The liquid is cooled by surrounding the pipe containing the refrigerant with cool water or air which absorbs the heat from the refrigerant 3 Expansion valve also called a metering device The warm high pressure liquid passes through the pipe to an expansion valve that allows the refrigerant to enter a chamber called the evaporator at a controlled rate 4 Evaporator heat removal occurs The refrigerant suddenly expands and returns to a gaseous state 0 EER Energy efficiency ratio 0 Efficiency goes up as the kilowatts per ton go down TEST 2 Chapter 12 1515 142 AM 9 Laundry System Transport Sorting Washing Drying O Dryers Gas heat 9 economical Electrical 9 quiet Computer run system Heat reclaimed 9 hot exhaust air captured and recalculated into the drying cycle 9 Laundry design Real estate space Square footage Location Equipment 9 Sustainable Efforts Water reclamation O zone based bleaching Heat reclaimed and reused


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