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EXAM 1 Review

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by: Karina

EXAM 1 Review GEO 2000


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About this Document

Exam 1 review filled out
Test Prep (MCAT, SAT...)
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1 review
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"Can you just teach this course please? lol :)"
Dr. Reba Little

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This 7 page Test Prep (MCAT, SAT...) was uploaded by Karina on Sunday January 4, 2015. The Test Prep (MCAT, SAT...) belongs to GEO 2000 at Florida International University taught by in Spring2012. Since its upload, it has received 1320 views.

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Can you just teach this course please? lol :)

-Dr. Reba Little


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Date Created: 01/04/15
GEO 2000 Spring Exam 1 Review Questions Chapter 1 Introduction 1 Spatial interaction is affected by 2 Which of the following is NOT true of the natural landscape Natural landscape The physical characteristics of a place are such natural aspects as its climate soil water supplies mineral resources terrain features and the like Natural landscape attributes provide the setting within which human action occurs They help shape but do not dictate how people live 3 A street address is an example of absolute location 4 The location of Chicago at 41 4939 N latitude and 87 3739 W longitude is an example of 5 Geography as a discipline is the only discipline concerned with understanding why and how both physical and cultural phenomena differ from place to place on the surface of the earth 6 As geographers use the term scale tells us the degree of the generalization represented 7 An example of a formal region is your home state Defmition of formal region an area of essential uniformity regarding a single physical or cultural feature or a limited combination of physical or cultural features 8 Absolute location is the identification of place by a precise and accepted system of coordinates also called mathematical location 9 The word geography is derived from Greek words geo and graphein meaning the earth and to write 10 When real estate agents say that quotlocation mattersquot they are referring to relative location 11 The relationship between the size of an area on a map and its actual size on the earth39s surface is called the 12 Geography differs from disciplines such as geology meteorology and cultural anthropology in that it 13 Geography is BEST described as 14 Which one of the following best identifies the cultural landscape Cultural landscape the visible imprint of human activity 15 Which of the following distance measures refers to absolute distance The spatial seperation between two points on the earth s surface measured by an accepted standard unit such as miles or kilometers 16 What do geographers call an area that throughout its extent possesses similar characteristics A region Chapter 2 Maps 1 Every projection has some degree of distortion because 2 All of the following are key reference points in the grid system EXCEPT the 3 Which one of the following correctly lists the four main properties of maps 4 All of the following statements about smallscale maps are true EXCEPT that they 5 Which of the following features is NOT commonly found on topographic maps 6 Which of the following is NOT a way to show a quantity at a point on a map 7 Which of the following is the largest scale map ie 110000 150000 etc 8 Which of the following statements about latitude is true 9 A contour interval is the vertical spacing between contour lines and it is normally stated on the map 10 A map drawn at which of the following scales would provide the greatest level of detail 11 The prime meridian 12 A map scale of 1 24000 means that 13 Which of the following statements about topographic maps is NOT correct 14 Under the survey system established by the Land Ordinance of 1785 land is divided into 15 Given a map scale of 1 XXXXX how many inches on the map would be needed to represent X miles on the ground 16 Contour lines 17 Which of the following statements about longitude is correct 18 The federal agency that makes most of the topographic maps in the United States is 19 Maps that adjust the size of area units based on the values of the data they depict are called 20 When one travels one fourth of the distance around the world along the same parallel of latitude the number of time zones traversed is likely 21 If it is X PM at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich England what time is it at XX WE longitude 22 Which one of the following sets of coordinates corresponds with a place on the earth 23 As one crosses the Intemational Date Line going westwardeastward the calendar day should be moved 24 What is the angle of intersection of all parallels and meridians on the earth Chapter 3 Physical Geography Landforms 1 The earth is approximately 41 billion years old 2 An intrusiveextrusive igneous sedimentary or metamorphic rock are formed from common elements such as oxygen silicon aluminum iron and calcium 3 The separation of South America from Africa was caused by plate boundary type divergent plate boundary 4 A large destructive sea wave resulting from an earthquake is called a tsunami 5 The breaking up of rock by freezing and thawing is the result of mechanical weathering 6 This depositional feature is created in arid regions when a stream exits the mountains and enters at lowland alluvial fans 7 The landforrn often formed at the mouth of a heavily silted stream is called natural levees 8 Which of the following statements about karst topography is NOT true About Karst topography refers to a large limestone region marked by sinkholes cavems and underground streams East central Florida a karst area has suffered considerable damage from the creation and widening of sinkholes This type of topography gets its name from a region in the Adriatic Sea at the ItalySlovenia border The Mammoth Cave region of Kentucky another karst ara has many kilometers of interconnected limestone caves 9 The theory of continental drift was formulated because Alfred Wegener believed that all landmasses were once united in one supercontinent called Pangaea 10 The world39s tallest mountains were formed by the Indian plate moving northward and crashing into the Eurasian plate 11 Which of the following rock types is formed by heat pressure or chemical reactions within the earth39s crust acting on the other two major types of rocks Metamorphic rocks 12 Earthquakes result from movement occurring at a fault 13 If a land surface where a mountain once stood is now a low at plain the gradational processes have been at work 14 Which of the following groups contains processes caused only by mechanical weathering Frost action the development of salt crystals and root action 15 The most important erosional agent is running water 16 Longshore currents are responsible for the creation of beaches and spits 17 Karst topography is created by chemical weathering of limestone rocks 18 For millions of years the Atlantic Ocean has been widening at the rate of about 2i centimeters 1 inch per year 19 Glaciers move because the melting and evaporation at the glacier s edge does not equal the speed of the ice advance 20 Continental glaciers exist today in Antartica Greenland and Baffin Island in Canada 21 The sand grains that make up beaches originated mainly from the vast amount of coastal erosion and streams 22 Which of the following is NOT one of the steps in the rock cycle The Rock Cycle a Cementation and compaction lithification b Heat and pressure c Weathering transportation deposition d Cooling and solidification 23 A zone of subduction is associated with the occurrence of 24 The major volcanic belt is located near the major earthquake and fault zones because this belt occurs at the convergence of plates 25 Sharp ridges and Ushaped valleys are characteristic features of mountains that have undergone stream erosion Chapter 4 Physical Geography Weather and Climate l The three most important elements that make up weather are temperature wind and precipitation 2 The layer of the earth39s atmosphere that contains virtually all air clouds and precipitation is called the troposphere 3 The amount of incoming solar radiation insolation available at various places on the earth depends mainly on the intensity and duration of radiation from the sun 4 The pattem of average July temperatures is in uenced most strongly by climate 5 The earth39s axis is tilted about 235 degrees away from the perpendicular 6 When neither the Northern nor the Southern Hemisphere is tilted toward the sun the noon sun39s vertical rays are felt at 7 Proceeding from the equator toward the NorthSouth Pole in the NorthemSouthem Hemisphere summerwinter the daylightdarkness hours hours of daylight or darkness increase 8 Which statement is most accurate regarding temperatures at a given latitude in marine environments versus continental environments 9 If sea level temperature is X FD C what is the temperature at an altitude of XX feetXX m Use the lapse rate 10 The Coriolis effect means that wind appears to de ect toward the right of the direction of travel in the Northern Hemisphere and towards the left in the Southern Hemisphere 11 The world39s major ocean currents are set into motion by the winds of the world 12 Which statement is NOT true of the world39s hot deserts About hot deserts On the poleward side of the savannas grasses begin to shorten and desert shrubs become evident Belt of subtropical high pressure brings considerable sunshine hot summer weather and very little precipitation The precipitation that does fall is convectional but sporadic The great hot deserts of the world such as the Sahara the Arabian the Australian and the Kalahari are all the products of highpressure zones The driest parts of these deserts are along the western coasts where cold ocean currents are found 13 Which statement about El Ni o is NOT true About El Ni o An example of the interaction of atmospheric pressure and ocean temperature Created off of the coast of South America Term coined years ago by sherman who noticed that the normally cooler waters off the coasts of Ecuador and Peru were considerably warmer every 3 or 4 years around Christmas When southern oscillation occurs there is warming in the eastern Paci c enhancing the usual temperature contrasts between the equator and the earth s poles 14 The particles around which condensation nuclei are formed are fine particles of mostly dust pollen smoke and salt crystals 15 The type of precipitation that is associated with hills and mountains is called orographic precipitation 16 The boundary between two different air masses is called a front 17 The name given to the nearly treeless zone to the north of the forested subarctic region of the Northern Hemisphere is tundra 18 Which statement is NOT true of a sea breeze 19 The seasons are the result of the earth39s axis 20 The earth39s atmosphere is heated primarily by the process of global warming There will be 2 essay questions in this exam based on the lms Guns germs and steel 2004 and An Inconvenient Truth 2006 You can nd a link to these documentaries in the course webpage


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