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by: Diloanusi
Political science
Larry Carter

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About this Document

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Political science
Larry Carter
Test Prep (MCAT, SAT...)
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This 5 page Test Prep (MCAT, SAT...) was uploaded by Diloanusi on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Test Prep (MCAT, SAT...) belongs to POLS 2312 at University of Texas at Arlington taught by Larry Carter in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 60 views. For similar materials see Political science in History at University of Texas at Arlington.


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Date Created: 10/20/15
Exam 2 James madison stated factions were inevitable 1St Factions O Federalist Support government for constitution O AntiFederalist Wanted confederation and weak government Internet causes the need for parties to drop Having money also contributes to this situation Party function 0 Mobilize voters More likely to vote 0 Run the government most party in house and senate wins 0 Divided government President vs Congress I Republicans control House and senate Obamacare cannot be removed because of Obama Two Party system 0 Maj or Party make effort to absorb 3rd Party 0 Must receive 5 of votes else launch a petition drive 0 Walmart Conservatives 0 Support free market with no government involvement 0 Against redistribution of wealth Liberals 0 Government regulates economy 0 Protect disadvantaged 0 Civil rights and liberties 0 Promote equality Libertarian 0 Supports hands off philosophy 0 Individual Liberty 0 Personal responsibility Class Poll Majority of students are moderate Government to stay out of health care due to the governor who signed bill that harmed disabled children Older republicans started as Demise Republican Elephant Democrats Donkey Republican websites Allows different contributions to republican party Democratic websites Run for office link due to lack of candidates Libertarians Are you ready to tale liberty to the next level Bill Clements CH5 0 First republican since E Davis to become governor 1978 1990 s amp 2000 s Texas becomes republican state Republicans 0 Complete control of everything 0 Fail to receive African American or Hispanic Support O Factional differences Hispanics Swing voters African Americans Democrats State convention O Held biennially in June 0 Suggests changes and plans 0 Elect state party officers 0 Adopt a party platform Realignment 0 Texas republican dominant O Shift spurred by popular Republican president Ronald Reagan 0 Long term economic trends have benefitted the republicans Dealignment 0 Many voters call themselves independent Voting factors 0 Higher education 0 Higher Income 0 Older Qualifications to vote 0 US citizen 0 At least 18yrs of age 0 Resident of the state Registration to Vote 0 Mail 0 While renewing drivers license 0 Spouse parents can register an applicant if a qualified voter Texas news 0 Starting Fall 16 UT Austin will change from automatics admission to the 7th rule 0 Student amp Faculty Don t want guns in class Gregg Abbott asks for boost in security along the Mexican American border 46 of Texans support weed legalization 62 support increase border security 49 agree to same sex marriage Texan s love their football O 0000 0 US voting turnout 0 Lower than almost all other countries 0 Russia 55 Switzerland 50 Mexico 481 lower than the US 0 Primary Elections device for selecting political party nominees O 3 Historical types I Caucus I Party convention system old I Direct primary confidential voting 0 Held on Second Tuesday of March I Switch to first Tuesday 2016 0 Must be won by 50 plus 1 vote 0 Closed Primaries I Only members may participate 0 Open primaries I Voters choose on election day in which primary they ll participate in David Dewhurst 0 Lost two elections I Lost senate to Ted Cruz I Lost Lt Governor to Dan Patrick 0 Was going to sue senate because he lost 0 Spends a lot of money 0 Doesn t like debates or campaigns Pope Francis 0 0 John Boehner decided to quit after the pope O Talked about death penalty 0 Threw shade at Texas because tx executes the most people Sen Ted Cruz 0 Running for president 0 4th Place 0 Strategy is for Trump to crash and burn and take all the votes John Boehner O Wants to from speaker of house but nobody wants it GOP 0 O Elephant Republican 0 Donkey Democrats Pluralism 0 So many interest groups that they cancel out 0 amp interest groups use their resources to in uence 0 Competing theories on interest groups as well as elitism Texas cases before US Supreme Court 0 make it hard to get an abortion 0 UT Austin using race as an admission process Interest group power 0 The stronger the party the weaker the interest group Legislative sessions 0 Next meet is 2017 Texas 2016 primary 0 First Tuesday 0 Used to be second Tuesday of March 0 Moved up so Texas can have in uence on presidential nominations 0 Texas is mostly republicans Elitism O A lot of them are out there but only few have a lot of money 0 Run by a few wealthy members 0 Distribution of power is unequal 0 Donald Trump 0 Started raising money 0 0 will be on Saturday night live this week amp had his own show 0 Hillary Clinton 0 Bad decision about security Test Questions


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