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Analytical Paper 1

by: Ryanne Sirtak

Analytical Paper 1

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Ryanne Sirtak

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About this Document

Test Prep (MCAT, SAT...)
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This 0 page Test Prep (MCAT, SAT...) was uploaded by Ryanne Sirtak on Tuesday November 17, 2015. The Test Prep (MCAT, SAT...) belongs to at Illinois State University taught by in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 27 views.


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Date Created: 11/17/15
Sirtak 1 Ryanne Sirtak Dr Mushrush Econ 105 5 October 2015 Econ Analytical Paper 1 In the article State Budgets are likely to Squeeze 2 Year Colleges by Jeffrey Selingo it states that according to the most recent budget year there is going to be a huge financial crisis among state governments Which Will have the biggest effect on all higher education sectors This is because highereducation is viewed as a private good that should be paid by students and donations rather than a public good Which is paid for by the state The larger proportions of these appropriations are being divided among things like public schools and Medicaid Medicaid causes longterm deficits States are required to give the appropriate budget to the rising Medicaid obligations resulting in the struggle to respond to other demands like highereducation 2 No Although the Governor is in a tough position trying to find a place to cut budgets I do not agree With him taking it from highereducation Since the governor is independently wealthy he does not have a problem affording high tuition costs What may be a low cost to him could be a big deal to many others The most obvious problem With cutting highereducation funding is that the cost of tuition Will increase dramatically According to Michael Mitchell in the article Years of Cuts it states that This Will create even more debt for the average college student in a time Where more students are already attending public universities rather than private ones because of the cost of private tuitions Even though the federal government is helping With an increase in Sirtak 2 pell grants this is only a relief for low income families Families who are better off are either forced to take out additional loans or put off attending a fouryear university until after attending a lower cost community college Not only does cutting the funding cause an increase in tuition it will force the universities to either make a cut from programs or faculty This will eventually lead to a lowering of quality of education in Illinois The mere thought of reducing staff and programs at public universities will discourage outof state students to consider attending universities here The need for continuing education for the current youth to obtain technically advanced jobs is crucial These cuts will decrease the number of educated young adults entering the work force in Illinois To help out the Governor the best way to reduce the cutting of highereducation funding is to decrease certain taxes These taxes include sales property and excise taxes Illinois should also repeal the 2011 income tax increases to help make the state more competitive both nationally and globally Reducing the increase in these taxes would not only help out the tax payers but also reduce the cost of tuition It would cause an economic growth and create competitiveness By decreasing these tax rates it could bring in big businesses offering multiple job opportunities Potentially letting people spend their money as they please could lead to more students attending a fouryear university This rejection of higher taxes would also cause the governor to focus on reforming state programs and encourage a growing environment As mentioned by John Klinger in Illinois is a HighTax State it emphasizes that Illinois needs to restore confidence and can do this by repealing the 2011 tax hikes This is important for the long term prosperity of the state and would allow taxpayers to keep more of their income Instead of Sirtak 3 cutting funds from highereducation budgets Illinois could lower tax rates keeping the quality of education at a high and maintain or even increase the number of jobs available Sirtak 4 Works Cited Klinger John quotIllinois Is a Hightax Statequot Illinois Policy Np 20 July 2013 Web 06 Oct 2015 Mitchell Michael quotYears of Cuts Threaten to Put College Out of Reach for More Studentsquot Years of Cuts Threaten to Put College Out of Reach for More Students Center on Budget and Policy Priorities 13 May 2015 Web 06 Oct 2015


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