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Calculus Volume 3 | 1st Edition | ISBN: 9781938168079 | Authors: Openstax ISBN: 9781938168079 2033

Solution for problem 329 Chapter 1

Calculus Volume 3 | 1st Edition

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Calculus Volume 3 | 1st Edition | ISBN: 9781938168079 | Authors: Openstax

Calculus Volume 3 | 1st Edition

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Problem 329

For the following exercises, sketch the parametric curve and eliminate the parameter to find the Cartesian equation of the curve.

\(x=4 \cos \phi, \quad y=1-\sin \phi, \quad 0 \leq \phi \leq 2 \pi\)

Text Transcription:

x=4 \cos \phi, y=1-\sin \phi, 0 \leq \phi \leq 2pi

Step-by-Step Solution:
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Module 11 Notes Part I: 1900-1945: Early 20 th Century Art What was happening politically at the time: -World War I- “The Great War” -1914-1918 -Began with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria -Introduction of ideals that haven’t been experienced such as: Communism, Fascism, Nazism, and America’s Great Depression -Introduction of poisonous gas, of mass destruction -Artists mirror dissatisfaction of society; they are responding in ways to a political and socioeconomic system that hadn’t been experienced before -World War II -1939-1945 -Began as a result of lingering tension from WWI, economic upheaval, and the 1939 German invasion of Poland -Artists are a part of what’s happening culturally -Art is what we referred to as “avant garde” -front garde; artists are ahead of their time; rejected classicism -Fauvism -Stemmed from Expressionism -theories of color by Van Gogh -Emerged in 1905 at Salon d’Automne (Fall Exhibit) -art critic Louis Vauxcelles was president; saw a grouping of blazing, colorful brushstrokes -“Fauve” means “wild beast” -Donotello represents traditional Renaissance structures -reference to how different colors are -Never officially a group; only lasted about 5 years -Fauvist Characteristics: -liberation

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Chapter 1, Problem 329 is Solved
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Textbook: Calculus Volume 3
Edition: 1
Author: Openstax
ISBN: 9781938168079

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