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Introductory Chemistry (MasteringChemistry) | 6th Edition | ISBN: 9780134302386 | Authors: Nivaldo J. Tro ISBN: 9780134302386 2037

Solution for problem 2 Chapter 1

Introductory Chemistry (MasteringChemistry) | 6th Edition

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Introductory Chemistry (MasteringChemistry) | 6th Edition | ISBN: 9780134302386 | Authors: Nivaldo J. Tro

Introductory Chemistry (MasteringChemistry) | 6th Edition

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Problem 2

What are chemicals? Give some examples.

Step-by-Step Solution:
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Top ofPage Notes 1.What is the pressure,in mmHg, in a 2 .0L container that contains Oil moles co2 at25°C (0.16.08206)(273,2 +25 2 PV=nRT o P=nRT oPam(0.1,08206 (273,2+20 ) ► Partn"1122 atm (760 mmity)=Punty:929,87 + 930 mmily Monometer - a measuring device that shows the pressure of a gas relective to the pressure of the current : extmosphere . PV=nRT o ideal gas law ,as such,in can only be moles at Ex: a gas 2 NaCl(s) 2 Na(s)+ Cl₂ (9) 10017 moles of Nach, Imol C l=. Solvely notwoulles (2molNaci)2008 mulci PV=nRT a idea de gas lain Using the ideal gssus law,we assume it.the gas occupies negligible volume 2 .no interactions between gas O molecules 1. In this case, this refers to the size of the melecutes of gas. Larger gas molecules are lessideas then smaller gas molecules Alongwith this,the equation becomes more ideal at larger volumes. 2 . In thiscase, thisrefers to the charge of the per molecules in the container. Moleculeswith higher charges are more likely to interactwith each other. Assuch , the chasses will ans" ideally at low pressures (P24 h,where A >F ), KE =3 RT (KE hinetic Energy) Top ofPage Class 8 Pre -Class Notes Pressure2 Force Gas pressure heaps tires inflated Factors that affect pressure moles of gas in container temperature inside the container volume of the container ePressure: imoks(n) in ePressure: 1Temperature(T) 4 PU=nRT & Pressure to Volume (U) J . R².08206 Lraturan . Pressure for sumof the forces of gas parturies colliding with .: their container . mntte - based off a barometer ,also labeled as "fore" Imeata latm = 760m

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Chapter 1, Problem 2 is Solved
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Textbook: Introductory Chemistry (MasteringChemistry)
Edition: 6
Author: Nivaldo J. Tro
ISBN: 9780134302386

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