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Martian Athletics. In the long jump, an athlete launches

University Physics | 13th Edition | ISBN: 9780321675460 | Authors: Hugh D. Young, Roger A. Freedman ISBN: 9780321675460 31

Solution for problem 48P Chapter 3

University Physics | 13th Edition

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University Physics | 13th Edition | ISBN: 9780321675460 | Authors: Hugh D. Young, Roger A. Freedman

University Physics | 13th Edition

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Problem 48P

Martian Athletics.? In the long jump, an athlete launches herself at an angle above the ground and lands at the same height, trying to travel the greatest horizontal distance. Suppose that on earth she is in the air for time ?T?, reaches a maximum height h, and achieves a horizontal distance ?D?. If she jumped in exactly the same way during a competition on Mars. where ?g?Mars, is 0.379 or its earth value. find her time in the air, maximum height, and horizontal distance. Express each or these three quantities in terms or its earth value. Air resistance can be neglected on both planets.

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Compara▯veAnatomyLab Prac▯cal2 Origin:middorsalline fromneuralprocesses ofmostthoracic vertebrae Origin:clavicle andraphe Inser▯on:medial surfaceofulna, justdistalto semilunarnotch Ac▯on:flexes forearm Origin:mastoidprocess Inser▯on:sternum Ac▯on:rota▯onofhead Spinodeltoid Origin:middlethirdof spineofscapula Inser▯on:humerus Origin:posteriormargin ofacromionofscapula Inser▯on:lateralsurface ofspinodeltoidmuscle Ac▯on:flexesandrotates humeruslaterally Ac▯on:drawsscapula anteriorly Ac▯on:(allthree)extend forearm Origin:manubrium (sternum) Inser▯on:fasciacovering proximalsurfaceof forearm(antebrachium) Ac▯on:adducts humerus;bringsarmsin medially Origin:anterior sternebrae Inser▯on:pectoralridge ofhumerus Ac▯on:adducts humerus;bringsinarms Origin:bodyofsternum Inser▯on:pectoralridge ofhumerus Ac▯on:adductshumerus Origin:xiphoidprocessof sternum Origin:suprapinousfossa ofscapula Inser▯on:greater tuberosityofhumerus Ac▯on:extendshumerus Origin:infraspinousfossa ofscapula Inser▯on:greater tuberosityofhumerus Ac▯on:rotateshumerus laterally Origin:posteriorcervical andanteriorthoracic vertebrae Inser▯on:posteriorpart ofdorsalborderof scapula Ac▯on:drawsscapula towardvertebralcolumn; pushesscapulabackand together Origin:subscapularfossa ofscapula Inser▯on:lesser tuberosityofhumerus Ac▯on:adductshumerus Ac▯on:flexesforearm Ac▯on:flexescrus (hindlimb);abductsthigh *Iliopsoas Ac▯on:adductsand flexesthigh Ac▯on:adductsand flexesthigh PartofQuadriceps femoris PartofQuadriceps femoris PartofQuadriceps femoris PartofQuadriceps femoris Ac▯on:extendsfoot KnowAll Whitepin=Scalenus 6=Transversus Costarum st Origin:1 costalcar▯lage andmanubriumof sternum Inser▯on:basihyoid Ac▯on:drawshyoid posteriorly Reddiamonds=Sternohyoid spine sternum Knowboth 3=SerratusDorsalis Ac▯on:elevates mandible Origin:fasciacovering muscle,temporalfossa ofskull Ac▯on:elevates mandible Medias▯um=amembranouspar▯▯onbetween twobodycavi▯esortwopartsofanorgan, especiallythatbetweenthelungs. head PartofGreater Omentum PartofGreater Omentum Firstpartofsmall intes▯ne Middlepor▯onofsmall intes▯ne Mesocolon:connectsthetransversecolontotheposteriorwallof theabdomen. Onovery Partofbroad ligament Partofbroad ligament Partofbroad ligament Partofbroad ligament RedArrow=Esophagus head Pericardialcavity:thepoten▯alspaceformedbetweenthetwolayersofserous pericardiumaroundtheheart. Pleuroperitonealcavity:areapairofmembraneswhichgraduallyseparatethe pleuralandperitonealcavi▯es TransverseSeptum:separatethepericardialcavityandthepleuroperitoneal cavity ParietalPeritoneum:lininginternalsurfaceofbodywall Visceralperitoneum:coveringsurfaceoforgansinpeluroperitonealcavity Mesentery Papillaeofesophagus Rugaeofstomach SpiralValve(insideintes▯ne) Mesogaster/GreaterOmentum:Partofthemesentary;extendstothe esophagusandstomach GastrosplenicLigament Gastrohepatoduodenalligament(lesseromentum):extendsfromtheliver towardthegut.Neartheliveritisasinglebundle. Mesorchium:supportsthetes▯s;mesenterythatsuspendstheorganfromthe middorsalwallofthebodycavity Archinephricduct:foldedtubetothetes▯stothetubulesoftheepididymis Siphon=belowskinofclaspers Internaloblique:onelayerunderexternaloblique TransverseAbdominis:2layersunderexternaloblique,1layerunderinternal oblique head Mesovarium:mesentarythatholdstheovaries Os▯umTubae:bulbneartopoftheovary Nidamentalgland/Shellgland:understomach

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Chapter 3, Problem 48P is Solved
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Textbook: University Physics
Edition: 13
Author: Hugh D. Young, Roger A. Freedman
ISBN: 9780321675460

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Martian Athletics. In the long jump, an athlete launches