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The carbonate ion (CO3 2) can act as either a monodentate

Chemistry | 8th Edition | ISBN: 9780547125329 | Authors: Steven S. Zumdahl ISBN: 9780547125329 153

Solution for problem 41 Chapter 21

Chemistry | 8th Edition

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Chemistry | 8th Edition | ISBN: 9780547125329 | Authors: Steven S. Zumdahl

Chemistry | 8th Edition

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Problem 41

The carbonate ion (CO3 2) can act as either a monodentate or a bidentate ligand. Draw a picture of CO3 2 coordinating to a metal ion as a monodentate and as a bidentate ligand. The carbonate ion can also act as a bridge between two metal ions. Draw a picture of a CO3 2 ion bridging between two metal ions.

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History lecture 19 By the 1830 slavery had become a big national issue. The leaders of the country would handle the issue by ignoring it. In 1818­1819, Moses Austin was an American by birth but became a Spanish citizen. He recognized that America was about to take over Missouri, he moved to New Mexico. He got permission to settle land in Texas. Spain wanted to settle Texas because they saw how America was settling the west like crazy. They wanted to create a buffer zone between New Mexico and the rest of America to prevent the US from taking over their northern territory. When Austin went to talk to the Spanish government, he told them to let him sell land to Americans in Texas. The Mexican government said yes and gave him a license to sell land. But he ended up dying before he made it back to Missouri. His son, Stephen F. Austin, took over his fathers cause. 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Back then they would get on a boat in the east and for three months they would sail to the west. In 1841, a group of 80 men took the first wagon train across the Oregon Trail. They made Oregon out to be a farmers paradise. History Lecture 20 Quiz next Thursday of Geography Quiz. Study Guide on Black­Board. Study guide for next exam will be posted on Friday The South Pass was what divided the east and west. It was the only pass that a wagon was able to through. A group of 80 men hired mountain men to teach them how to navigate the Oregon Trail. Oregon was made out to be the Land of Milk and Honey. Most settled by the Willemette River Valley. Every country had a claim on the Oregon Territory. The boundary was on the 42 degree line to the 53degree 40minute line. In 1827 Great Britten and the US signed the Joint Occupation Treaty. It legally recognized Oregon Territory as belonging to both the United State and Great Britain. The biggest issue was which country had the jurisdiction in the town. Neither country could extend its legal jurisdiction over Oregon. In that time the people out there were British and French fur trappers. In 1841 the British wanted the area north of the Columbia river and to the boarder of Canada. They wanted that area because of the fur animals there. So they had the colonist setting in the Wilemette River Valley where there wasn’t as many fur animals but good growing soil. Oregon represented a chance to find economic opportunity. By 1842 there was 160 families out in Oregon and it continued growing over the next years. By 1846 there was about 5000 US citizens. The Oregon Question was “Where would the US and Great Britain divide Oregon”. A couple years later after the Joint Occupation Treaty, the US wanted part of the Oregon land. They wanted to divide Oregon at the 49 parallel. The British had investments in that land. By the 1840’s the situation was changing. The election if 1844, both political parties were trying to figure out what to do about western expansion. The Democrats Party (created in 1832 by Andrew Jackson) ran Martin Van Buren from New York. The Whig Party (created in 1834 as an opposition party to Jackson Democrats) ran Henry Clay who was from Kentucky. Clay was not a fan of western expansion and said the Whigs were against western expansion. Van Buren was also against bringing in Texas. Van Buren was voted out and the Democrats went to James K. Polk from Tennessee to be their candidate. Polk was just like Jackson, Jackson was his ideal. Polk’s nickname was young hickory. He won the Democratic vote because he was for Texas. In his acceptance speech he said, “Re­Annex Texas and Re­occupy Oregon”. But Texas had never been annexed in the first place and Oregon had never really been occupied. In saying this he said that he was ready to go to war with Mexico and Britain. The American people elected Polk as president. His first priority was to settle the Oregon Question. He sent a letter to Britain and told them that he was pulling out of the Joint Occupation Treaty and told them that he was going to take all over Oregon. The motto was “54.40 or fight”. In 1845 Texas was a slave state in the Union and to counter that people wanted to bring Oregon in as a free state. In Oregon, the British had major fur trade with their main corporation on Vancouver Island. Eventually a treaty was send over where Britain said they would give them the 49 parallel but they wanted all of Vancouver Island. The US ratified it on June 6,1846. Polk had managed to avoid war with Great Britain. In 1844 President John Tyler, knowing that he was not going to be elected president, but he also knew that the people wanted Texas. He sent representatives to Mexico to work out a deal for Texas to join the union. Through a simple majority vote, Texas was asked to join the union. In December of 1845 Texas held a vote if they wanted to become part of the US. In march of 1845,mexico broke off diplomatic relations with the United State. Polk tried to make peace, he sent diplomats (who would eventually get kicked off Mexican soil) to meet with the Mexican Government. He offered to buy Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. In late 1845, Polk sent an Army under General Zachary Taylor command to the mouth of the southern board to the mouth of the Nueces River (Near Corpus Christi). The reason was because that is where Mexico recognized the southern board of Texas. By being on the North side of Corpus Christi they could see if Mexican army was going to invade the US because they would have had to cross the Rio Grande River and walk 100miles of disputive territory. In November of 1845 nothing happened. In April of 1846, Polk ordered Taylor to march to the Rio Grande. It the Mexicans attack then the US is in defensive war, if Mexico doesn’t attack then it meant that the land was the United States. By early May of 1846, Polk wrote a Declaration of War against Mexico. The morning after he wrote it a cable arrived from General Taylor which told him that US soldiers were attack on the Northern side of the Rio Grande a few days before. This meant that it would be a defensive war. Polk ripped up his delectation of war and wrote a new one that said that American blood was spilled on American soldiers. This was one of the most unpopular wars in American History. It was supported by Southern but hated by Northern. The spot resolution was issued by Abraham Lincoln against Polk. He demanded that Polk bring a map and point to the exact spot that American Blood was spilt. Because he believed that the Slaveocracy had planned the whole thing. This was called the “spot Resolution”

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Chapter 21, Problem 41 is Solved
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Textbook: Chemistry
Edition: 8
Author: Steven S. Zumdahl
ISBN: 9780547125329

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The carbonate ion (CO3 2) can act as either a monodentate