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Get answer: In each of 10 through 19, find a general solution of the system. If initial

Advanced Engineering Mathematics | 7th Edition | ISBN: 9781111427412 | Authors: Peter V. O'Neill ISBN: 9781111427412 173

Solution for problem 10.41 Chapter 10

Advanced Engineering Mathematics | 7th Edition

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Advanced Engineering Mathematics | 7th Edition | ISBN: 9781111427412 | Authors: Peter V. O'Neill

Advanced Engineering Mathematics | 7th Edition

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Problem 10.41

In each of 10 through 19, find a general solution of the system. If initial values are given, also solve the initial value problemx 1 = x1 + x2 + 6e2t , x 2 = x1 + x2 + 2e2t ; x1(0) = 6, x2(0) = 0

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Modern Architecture  No new style o Copies of old styles that they think are relevant  Associative attitude o Associating styles to meaning o Roman to Republic o Greek to Democracy o Doesn't have to be exact just represent it  Eclectic architecture o Mixed style of architecture o Have own interpretation of what Greek or renaissance, etc. meant  Revivalism o Greek and Roman very prominent in US  Used mostly for public buildings, government especially o Gothic Revival  Used mostly for churches  Pinnacle of Christian religion  Used in schools  Connected to the church a long time ago  Some of the first hospitals (many had St. names)  Now want new technology o Not baroque because it represents a monarchy  New Industrialism o Pre-fabricated parts o Manufacturing is coming up with ways to make parts and replicate them o Growing demand for large public buildings  Libraries, train stations o Iron, cast iron and wood o Things made in factories are not true  Arts and craft style o Not reproduced elements o Everything is handmade  Making unique shapes o English Country Home  Real stone countertops not fake stone  Everything is truthful  Do not want them built by a factory  Hand built with true material  Has a romantic feel o US suburbs like this  Green front lawns represent gardens  Sustainable design- green architecture o Made the construction process evident  Victorian: Queen Ann o Hodge podge put together o Rich upper class o Get bigger and bigger, mot austentacious o Mostly residential, few public buildings o Second empire- type of roof from France  Frank Lloyd Wright o Most famous American architect in history (arguably) o Prairie style  Hug the landscape  Intertwine nature and architecture  Intertwine interior and exterior spaces o Totally original and new style  Original and creative o Rogie house (named after architects) o Some influence from Japan and Japanese architecture o Eliminate ornament and decoration  Simplified them o Influenced by arts and crafts style  Handmade  Difference is he embraced both handmade and machine (mass produced) o Floorplans were unique for the time  Started opening up spaces, open concept idea o Inventor of the ranch style home  Whole style of architecture o Develop American architecture to develop forms derived from unique American circumstance  First totally unique American feel o Response to sight and climate o Clarity of function and material and structure o Honest, straight forward architecture Big Inventions  Elevator o Reasons high rise buildings were able to be created  Possibly American idea  Pure American architecture  Steel frame o Helped with high rises also o Pure steel  Automobile, radio, electric light and airplane o Rapid change in transportation o Infatuated with speed o Cars started to resemble airplanes Louis Sullivan  Frank Lloyd Wight worked for him before going on his own  Quoted "Form follows function" o Beauty follows function o If you build a perfectly functional building with it be beautiful on its own  Build skyscrapers o Moved on from brick, said maybe it isn't appropriate for high rises  His ornament is unique o Not classical, Greek or Roman o Organic, nature like  Flower petals and leaves o Many made out of terracotta  Says best designs are out of a cultural response to function Famous Buildings  Flat Iron building o End almost looks like a column o Shaped in response to the site, triangular shape between 2 roads  Chicago o Looks somewhat Roman but very distorted o Classical look  Bauhaus o Walter Gropius o Originally a school for arts and crafts o Arts and crafts movement was ended with this  Says schools should look like factories o Flat roof because they did not want any historic reference o International style- architecture for everyone  Barcelona Pavilion o Torn down and rebuilt 50 years later o No historic reference o Everything is straight forward, straight or horizontal lines o Floor plan is very open  Started with a grid and put everything on it o Wanted everything machine made and the grid made that easy  Chrysler Building o New York o Art deco  Based on the top of it  Curved- streamline 1880-1914  1914: begin of WWI o Major event that changed architecture going forward o No longer want architectural remnants of Europe  1929: stock market crashes o Can no longer afford to build elaborate houses The Big 3  Said architecture should be for everyone o Everybody should have equal opportunity for architecture o Proletariat deserves it too o Simple so everyone can afford it o Architecture no longer based on history  Saying they are looking for an international style  Don’t like Frank Lloyd Wright o Because he wanted craftsmanship and detail  Walter Gropius  Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe  Le Corbusier Era of the Machine  1920-1930  Made in factories Art Deco  Influenced by o Streamline transportation  Metals were big o Archeology  Specifically Egyptian archeology  Metaphorical shapes not literal shapes like roadside Roadside Architecture  Made to be seen easily while driving in a car  Literal shapes not metaphorical like art deco  Can be the actual building shape, the sign is the building, a sign on the building or a sign beside the building  Is it good or bad o Can be both

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Chapter 10, Problem 10.41 is Solved
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Textbook: Advanced Engineering Mathematics
Edition: 7
Author: Peter V. O'Neill
ISBN: 9781111427412

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Get answer: In each of 10 through 19, find a general solution of the system. If initial