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Show that in two ways:(a) Use the translation property for

Fundamentals of Differential Equations | 8th Edition | ISBN: 9780321747730 | Authors: R. Kent Nagle, Edward B. Saff, Arthur David Snider ISBN: 9780321747730 43

Solution for problem 24E Chapter 7.3

Fundamentals of Differential Equations | 8th Edition

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Fundamentals of Differential Equations | 8th Edition | ISBN: 9780321747730 | Authors: R. Kent Nagle, Edward B. Saff, Arthur David Snider

Fundamentals of Differential Equations | 8th Edition

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Problem 24E

Show that in two ways:(a) Use the translation property for F(s).(b) Use formula (6) for the derivatives of the Laplace transform.

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Psychosocial Assessment Guide Since we all know social work doesn’t assign tests like other majors­here is something probably as helpful to the equivalent of a study guide to a test for one of our largest assignments. I typed out the main points of discussion/conversation through 26:54 (over half since there is only 49:49 for the whole assessment. I did this for the whole thing, and then went and answered the questions. I found it to be a really great way to complete the project! Casey Casey lives in Columbus, Ohio and is seeing the social worker for pre­natal care (16 weeks and 3 days pregnant). Born in Indiana and moved here when she was two. Moved around a lot when she was younger, but pretty much stayed in same neighborhood area. Mostly lived with mom­mom always around. Sometimes lived with aunt or grandmother. Has mixed feelings about growing up, but says brothers and sisters had fun and that mom did best with what she had. Family went through hard times: moving around, switching schools, not fitting in, making new friends. As far as basic needs as food, housing etc­stayed in shelter for a time or two but not for long. Mom would usually get something on the table­but if she didn’t get to feed the kids, they knew they would be able to eat at school. Her mom was born in Indiana and now lives in Columbus, so she continues to see her. However, she sees her grandma as more of a mother figure because she was more stable, understands her better, and is here in Columbus as well. No contact with her father. There was some contact when she was young, but she does not remember it. Step dad married mom when she was 7, now is on and off. Has an older brother and younger half­brother and half­sister. She keeps in touch with them, but is not very close. Ones that she is closest with, she sees in person more often than talking to over the phone etc. Younger half­sister lives in Indiana. Step dad used to call her names, and tell her she was stupid. Step father would also come into her room at night when she was 7 or 8. She says that as a child she did not know what was happening with this, but now realizes. (says she does not want to talk about it­no counseling on topic, never disclosed to anyone) Never any domestic violence in personal/romantic relationships. She says that she wouldn’t put up with it. Says that she can express needs openly­and has no fears or intimidation for well­being immediately for her, but says neighborhood is generally not safe. In her neighborhood there are gangs, shootings, drugs etc. She usually sleeps downstairs in the living room, on the couch, to make sure that the kids are safe. (Makes comment about how a pregnant woman on a couch is not ideal) Got married not too long ago. Joe. Father of baby. He is working in Kentucky as a construction worker­ goes where he can get jobs. Joe is from Honduras. A lot of family in Kentucky and has a lot of family in KY so can go down there and work with brothers and get work easier than here. He is fluent in English. She hasn’t learned much Spanish. Children are learning more than her. He is also the father of daughter who recently passed. Text and try to talk every day, but he keeps different hours. When he can get a job, he’ll work it­not necessarily with same company. Not involved with his family because they are not here. Been involved with him for the past 2 years. No domestic violence. Not involved with father of other two children. Says they are not worth anything and she does not want them to be in her children’s lives. When system can catch up with him, he will get a child support check sent here and there­doesn’t want money out of paycheck. No domestic violence. Has 7 year old boy (in school) 3 year old boy (with her­grandma helps with childcare the best she can but isn’t as willing bc can’t get around as much so will only really help in emergencies­not interested in childcare bc doesn’t trust anyone bc of death of daughter) Baby, daughter: died at 2 months old  (died a few months ago) Pregnant Says that immunizations are probably complete­that no one has ever told her that she isn’t. Recommended she get a flu shot but she doesn’t want to get one. People say that flu shot could harm baby. –give brochures on info Current medications are Pre­natal vitamin­take as much as she can. Can’t always get to the store because she doesn’t have a car. Limited to what can walk to and fairly close to bus, but takes a long time to use bus. Outpatient pharmacy in clinic­filling meds here. Care Source gives her transportation but there was some issues­so working on this with her. No recent hospitalizations, other than for births of children. Mentions that at last dental apt (2 years ago) needed a lot of work done but cannot afford it. Social Worker offers information about dental clinics that open up later hours­will look at this. States that she doesn’t get a lot of fruits and vegetables bc not at store she can walk to­sometimes at food pantry. Knows she needs to be eating well for baby but sugar and carbs is what she can get on the table for children. Worries everyday about not being able to get food for family. Can make food last. Many times children need more that she cannot get them. She has gone without food many times. Interest in food pantries and soup kitchens that can help on weekly, daily etc. On exercise: Walks older son to and from school which is a couple of blocks – couple times a day. No gym membership. Not interested in gym memberships because doesn’t want to harm baby in any way. Pregnancy complications­Baby, daughter: died at 2 months old  (died a few months ago) she says whole thing was a blur: some people came to “make her re­live the whole thing” but that they never followed up after that: made her feel like it was her fault and that she did something wrong. Not coping with it now as well as she can/could. Says it is definitely impacting current pregnancy. Dealing with it by getting through day by day­worried not bonding with current baby. Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)­they told her that it happens and there isn’t really anything you can do about it. SWKer says that likely wasn’t due to mothers actions. But their questions made mother feel like it was her fault by them asking if she smoked, where she put the baby to sleep at night, where was she at this etc. o How Joe is dealing with loss of daughter and current pregnancy­doesn’t talk a lot about how he feels. Feels shut out with pregnancy, ignore fathers some in appointments­and he often misses the appointments as well. Currently Pregnant: wasn’t planned. Didn’t want to get pregnant this soon after loss of baby. Didn’t know if she ever wanted to get pregnant again. Worried will come out angry or die bc getting bad feelings from her towards death of previous child. To help during current pregnancy is doctors working on residency to become OBGYN – request to have same dr during entire pregnancy so that she won’t have to explain the whole story to every single doctor that she meets with. Already met with OBGYN­and liked her, so will request that during course of pregnancy that will be the her primary doctor­even though that specific doctor might not be available when she delivers due to their small location Never had any diagnoses of mental illness.

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Chapter 7.3, Problem 24E is Solved
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Textbook: Fundamentals of Differential Equations
Edition: 8
Author: R. Kent Nagle, Edward B. Saff, Arthur David Snider
ISBN: 9780321747730

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Show that in two ways:(a) Use the translation property for