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Solved: Trace or copy the graph of the given function .

Calculus: Early Transcendentals | 6th Edition | ISBN: 9780495011668 | Authors: James Stewart ISBN: 9780495011668 184

Solution for problem 2.410 Chapter 2

Calculus: Early Transcendentals | 6th Edition

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Calculus: Early Transcendentals | 6th Edition | ISBN: 9780495011668 | Authors: James Stewart

Calculus: Early Transcendentals | 6th Edition

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Problem 2.410

Trace or copy the graph of the given function . (Assume that the axes have equal scales.) Then use the method of Example 1 to sketch the graph of below it.

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Reading Notes for Exam 2 Sociology No way my boys are going to be like that! Emily W. Kane Ferguson pgs 121-133 Parental tendencies toward gendered treatment of children starts at birth or early childhood years 2 patterns within gender typing 1. fathers appear to engage in more differential treatment of sons and daughters and more enforcement of gender boundaries than mothers do 2. for both mothers and fathers, the boundary maintenance happens more with sons than daughters Fundamental purpose of hegemonic masculinity is to legitimate male domination -contempt for homosexual men = ideological package Mothers celebrated gender nonconformity in daughters Parents allowed their boys to play with kitchen sets and dolls and said this was positive because it encouraged domestic skills, emotional openness, nonviolence -parents are now saying dolls and kitchens are neutral not just feminine Barbie, crying, and nail polish were the things parents had negative thoughts about and tried to tell their kids not to engage in Some dads interviewed described their sons masculinity as something they instill in them rather than something that natural unfolds in the child (gender accomplishment) Because these negative responses did not occur when talking about girls doing boy things, it shows how closely gender conformity and heterosexuality are linked within hegemonic constructions of masculinity Homogeneous or Heterogeneous Grouping: the Tracking debate 2 focuses of article -does tracking promote students’ learning more effectively than other methods of grouping -do all students benefit from tracking to the same degree -Tracking provides fewer learning opportunities for low ability students than for those with higher ability. -since low ability is related to race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status, tracking discriminates against students in these demographic categories. Negative consequences: 1. Segregation 2. Low social status 3. Heterogeneous tracks 4. Slower achievement of students in low tracks - due to unmotivated teachers and boring material at lower tracks 5. negative social psychological consequences - discouragement leads to detachment and to disruptive behavior Fighting like a Ballplayer: Basketball as a Strategy 1. After viewing the Hoop dreams (1994) documentary and reading the Scott Brooks (2008) article, what specific example from the video and/or the article demonstrate how being a basketball player helps protect young black men from street-corner culture -keeps them busy -puts them in good friend circles -gives them good role models/father figures (coach) 2. What are the pros and cons of using athletic pursuits to help young Africna American men improve their lives Pros: get good grades, get girls, keeps them off streets Cons: might not get onto a college team like their coaches tell them they will, false hope -boys can be used to build rep of school 3. Do you think high schools like the one shown in the video (st josephs) promise young black men from impoverished neighborhoods things they are unable to deliver (ie Hoop dreams) In other words, do these high school athletic programs do more harm than good Or its he promise of a decent high school education enough -basketball does more good than harm because it does give them motivation to pass classes and gives them something to work hard at rather than be on the streets. 4. In the article, scott brooks discusses how basketball is important, not only for its recreational purposes or because it can provide a means to fame and riches, but because it is an institution that can reduce the social-psychological impact of being negatively stereotyped and marginalized for young black men. What evidence did he provide in the article to support this claim What about for the young black males portrayed in the documentary Do you think basketball protected them from being negatively stereotyped and marginalized Article: -creates a positive identity as a basketball player -creates networks with decent men Evidence for getting protected: When Paul got in trouble and the judicial system wanted to treat him as just another young african american male, his connections with Randy and older white men helped him get out of the situation with only a little bit of probation and actually go to do his service hours working at the basketball league. The Deinstitutionalization of American Marriage Ferguson 3 pieces of evidence to support the claim that american marriage has been deinstitutionalized 1. The changing division of labor in the home and the increase in childbearing outside marriage 2. The growth of cohabitation -1/4 of US 3. The emergence of same-sex marriage 4. women entering the workforce Transition from companionate marriage to individualized marriage -more people thought about their personal development and the expression of their own feelings when talking about their marital success There are way more alternatives to marriage now No one really cares about being a good parent or the loyal and supportive spouse -shift in valued social roles It probably won’t get reinstutitionalized because for that to happen women would have to leave the work force and that won’t happy Conclusion: marriage is no longer as dominant as it once was, but it remains important on a symbolic level. -it is a marker of prestige and is still somewhat useful in creating enforceable trust Future: 2 things could happen to marriage 1. could fade away completely and lose its uniqueness, becoming just another type of relationship 2. it will remain distinctive - transformed and deinstitutionalized but still recognizable

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Chapter 2, Problem 2.410 is Solved
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Textbook: Calculus: Early Transcendentals
Edition: 6
Author: James Stewart
ISBN: 9780495011668

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Solved: Trace or copy the graph of the given function .