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Let cos x = lIVlO with x in QIV and find sin 2x

Trigonometry | ISBN: 9780495108351 | Authors: Charles P McKeague ISBN: 9780495108351 200

Solution for problem 5.1.176 Chapter 5.3


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Trigonometry | ISBN: 9780495108351 | Authors: Charles P McKeague


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Problem 5.1.176

Let cos x = lIVlO with x in QIV and find sin 2x

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Marriage as Group Alliance -Bride Wealth (Bride price) -paid by groom’s family to the bride’s family -found in patrilineal societies -buys the rights to the children (progeny price) -Dowry -paid by the bride’s family to the groom’s family -the woman’s property is held in trust by first her father and then her husband -an “insurance policy” passed from mother to daughter incase they become widowed and there’s no son to rely on India→ requires the groom to take economic liability for the woman -Durable Alliances - sororate: the requirement to provide a replacement wife by the family of the woman who dies or if the woman can’t reproduce -“Sister” exchange Forms of Marriage Monogamy: union between 2 people (lifetime, sometimes serial) Polygamy: union between more than 2 people Polygyny: one male and multiple females Polyandry: one female and multiple males *found in the mongolian herding peoples where a group of brothers marries one woman and paternity is ascribed to the oldest brother. Nuer Same-Sex Marriage (Sudan) -east african cattle peoples -patrilineal society -if a man has no sons, then he ascribes the role of son to a daughter, whom he then marries off to another woman after giving his inheritance to his “son” Nayar (India) -matrilineal and matrilocal (bride stays in town of family of orientation) -men are professional soldiers that aren’t always home -marriages are arranged -when men return they ask to take up residence with a woman (may not be his wife) and he places his shield outside to mark his territory while he’s there -the woman’s husband then needs to stay somewhere else and she takes on the role of being this other man’s wife -ascription of paternity is always to her actual husband, not to the biological father Two Spirit (North America) -someone who is biologically one gender but identifies as the opposite (transgender) -widower with children usually marry them so they have a maternal figure in the house taking care of motherly duties Group Marriage (The Oneida Community) -experiment in christian community -property held in common, women become property of the husbands -all adult men are married to all the adult women -consensual free love (heterosexual) -raise kids by the community -paternity is ascribed to the community Open Marriage (contemporary scandinavia) -divorce rates extremely low -economic unit households -one couple is married, has kids, and once they are raised and on their own they develop an open marriage with a lack of exclusive sexual access to each other Polyamory (contemporary north america) -multiple partners of mixed gender -share sexual access amongst all

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Chapter 5.3, Problem 5.1.176 is Solved
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Textbook: Trigonometry
Author: Charles P McKeague
ISBN: 9780495108351

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Let cos x = lIVlO with x in QIV and find sin 2x