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In Exercises 1928, use a graphing utility to graph the inequality y 2 lnx 3y

College Algebra | 9th Edition | ISBN: 9781133963028 | Authors: Ron Larson ISBN: 9781133963028 204

Solution for problem 6.5.20 Chapter 6

College Algebra | 9th Edition

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College Algebra | 9th Edition | ISBN: 9781133963028 | Authors: Ron Larson

College Algebra | 9th Edition

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Problem 6.5.20

In Exercises 1928, use a graphing utility to graph the inequality y 2 lnx 3y

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UMassAmherst Management260 ProfessorMalkovich Week6Notes:Feb22-26 ByEunjiCho February 23, 2016 Ethics Lecture by Attorney Jennifer Merton Multiple choice true/false question Short essay Apple case • Business case for acting ethically • Has ethical motives for standing up to the government Volkswagen • Not only illegal but also unethical • Sold ‘green’ cars to environmentally conscious people • Facing possibility for recall Companies that act ethically have the tendency to survive longer • Johnson & Johnson • Tylenol o Recalled products o Revamped, tampered packaging o Chose to be proactive o Used acting ethically, sustainably, socially responsibly as a marketing tactic AIG • Special products division • Credit default swaps • Culture that doesn’t support workers coming forward with a problem • Unlike Goldman Sachs, who had a more understanding culture with coming forward with problems, AIG handled (or not) it differently Fraud Triangle 1. Opportunity o Are there processes to limit one person’s opportunity o Do we make sure decisions are reviewed by a higher boss o Having more people than one person making decision makes sure that unethical decisions aren’t made 2. Pressure o Are there cultural atmosphere in the organization that makes people feel pressure o Pressure within individuals/pressure on organization as a whole o Individual financial pressure can lead to fraudulent behavior 3. Rationalization o Justifying decisions that probably weren’t the best hints that there might have been unethical behavior • If these elements are present in an organization, there is possibility for fraudulent behavior and unethical decision making • Shows whether you need to do further analysis or not • Laura Nash o Front page of the newspaper test o If you don’t mind everyone to see your decision, that is ethical o If you do mind, it suggests that you might need to do more in-depth analysis, or mitigate the negative consequences o Sometimes, ethical decisions can be unpopular, and that would need the decision maker to do some explaining about the decision Two predominant ethical frameworks • Duty-Based Ethics • Outcome-Based Ethics Duty-Based Ethics (Deontology, Formalism) • In order to be ethical, you have to comply with your duties. • Traditionally came from religious texts: Ten Commandments, Golden Rule • Immanuel Kant: Categorical imperative o What would happen if everyone did it o If it was fine if everyone did it, then it is ethical. Otherwise, it would be unethical. • Limits o ‘Murderer at the door’ scenario § Duty not to lie, duty to protect life § Stand up to the murderer in order to meet both duties § Once we start to prioritize, we are not in duty- based system anymore Outcome-Based Ethics (Consequentialism, Utilitarianism) • Cost-benefit analysis: benefits have to outweigh the cost • Greatest good for the greatest number: best possible outcome for the most people • Limits o Circle of concern § Lives, society o Just talking about numbers seem unethical – we have crossed over to duty-based system o People do risky things because utility of doing risky things outweigh the risks o Would you want to live in that society without being able to choose which group you would be in Ethics Quiz materials • Ethics handout by Jennifer Merton • Triple bottom line approach • Can we pay her less • Laura Nash • Milton Friedman February 25, 2016 Apple vs. American government • If the court rules in favor of government interest, this creates a precedent that can be used in similar or different context in the future. • The current climate impacts the court’s decision 5th Amendment • Right against Self-Incrimination o Idea that you don’t have to offer any information to the police o Miranda Rights: Right to remains silent, anything that you say canthnd will be used against you, right to counsel (6 ) § Only read to the ‘target’ of the information, who are not allowed to leave the investigation (applies when the person feels that he is not free to leave) • Right to Due Process o Right to the process of the trial § Notice of offense § Notice of opportunity to contest § Fair hearing (right to thquest) § Confront evidence (6 ) ú Written statement, identification of witnesses ú Will not get cross-examination of witnesses § Right to present evidence § Right to counsel (6 )th ú Right to an attorney, but the attorney can’t participate in the hearing § Right to appeal ú Can appeal agency (organization, university, etc) president’s decision to the court • No Double Jeopardy o You can’t be tried twice for the same criminal offense o You can be arrested for both state and federal crimes if you violated both (interstate drug dealing) o Can be objected to criminal offense and be sued at the same time • Eminent Domain o If the government wants to take your private property, and they can show a legitimate reason, they can take it o You get reasonable compensation for the property that has been taken o Has been misused since the government’s initiative doesn't have to be super important th 6 Amendment • Right to Counsel • Right to Confront Evidences and Witnesses • Compel witnesses to appear

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Chapter 6, Problem 6.5.20 is Solved
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Textbook: College Algebra
Edition: 9
Author: Ron Larson
ISBN: 9781133963028

The answer to “In Exercises 1928, use a graphing utility to graph the inequality y 2 lnx 3y” is broken down into a number of easy to follow steps, and 15 words. Since the solution to 6.5.20 from 6 chapter was answered, more than 236 students have viewed the full step-by-step answer. This textbook survival guide was created for the textbook: College Algebra, edition: 9. The full step-by-step solution to problem: 6.5.20 from chapter: 6 was answered by , our top Math solution expert on 01/02/18, 09:21PM. College Algebra was written by and is associated to the ISBN: 9781133963028. This full solution covers the following key subjects: . This expansive textbook survival guide covers 9 chapters, and 5750 solutions.

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In Exercises 1928, use a graphing utility to graph the inequality y 2 lnx 3y