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Let Show that is in Span {u, v} for all h and k

Linear Algebra and Its Applications | 4th Edition | ISBN: 9780321385178 | Authors: David C. Lay ISBN: 9780321385178 62

Solution for problem 21E Chapter 1.3

Linear Algebra and Its Applications | 4th Edition

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Linear Algebra and Its Applications | 4th Edition | ISBN: 9780321385178 | Authors: David C. Lay

Linear Algebra and Its Applications | 4th Edition

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Problem 21E

Problem 21E

Let  Show that  is in Span {u, v} for all h and k

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Chapter 17 Part 3 Extradition  Surrender – on demand, of an individual accused or convicted of an offense committed within the territorial jurisdiction of the demanding government and outside the territory of the ceding government  Objective to prevent the escape of persons who stand accused or convicted and secure their return to the jurisdiction from which they fled.  Extradition between nations is regulated by treaties. o Usually requires the nation to agree that the crime is a serious one and that the penalty will not be disproportionate to the crime  Uniform Extradition and Rendition Act o N.D.C.C. 29-30.3-05 o N.D.C.C. 29-30.3-06 o N.D.C.C. 29-30.3-09 o N.D.C.C. 29-30.3-10.1 Jurisdiction and Venue  Court must have jurisdiction over the subject matter and parties to the case o States must have authority over persons and crimes that occur in their state  Venue – refers to the place of the trial o Sixth Amendment provides for trials to occur in the state and district where the crime was committed o Applies to the states through the 14 Amendment  Change of venue – motion to change the venue of the case if one of the parties does not believe it can receive a fair that in the venue where the crime occurred  Factors for the courts to consider o Nature of the pretrial publicity o Connection of government officials with release of information o Length of time elapsing between the dissemination of the publicity and the trial o Severity and notoriety of the offense o Area from which the jury is to be drawn o Other events occurring in the community o Any factor likely to affect the candor and veracity of the perspective jurors  Party requesting he change of venue has the burden of showing the necessity for the change o Typically a defendant who requests the change  N.D.R. Crim. P. 18  N.D.R. Crim. P. 19 Joinder and Severance  Joinder of offenses: o 3 situations:  Same criminal event  2 criminal acts tied together  2 criminal acts that are the same or similar in character o Must consider the Double Jeopardy Clause o Blockburger Test – whether each provision of the criminal law requires proof of an additional fact that the other does not o Bars successive prosecution for the “same offense” o Cannot be convicted of a lesser included offense  Defense concerns: o Jury will not consider the criminal acts separately o Jury will view the evidence in a cumulative fashion o Cannot assert different defenses to the different criminal acts  Severance of offenses: o 2 or more related offenses are charged in a single indictment or information o Necessary to fair determination of guilt o Defendants seeking severance bears the burden  Joinder or severance of parties o Prosecutors have broad discretion to decide whether to prosecute multiple parties together or separately o Separate trials are needed when prosecution has evidence to use against one party and not the other o Separate trials when the parties are going to pursue separate defenses, when their interests are antagonistic, when one party chooses to testify, etc. o Severance only necessary when a trial right is compromised or prevent the jury room making a reasonable determination of guilt o Redaction:  Process of editing a confession so that it can be used at a joint trial without implicating the other parts  Supreme court not in favor of this process  N.D.R. Crim. P. 8  N.D.R. Crim. P. 13  N.D.R. Crim. P. 14

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Chapter 1.3, Problem 21E is Solved
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Textbook: Linear Algebra and Its Applications
Edition: 4
Author: David C. Lay
ISBN: 9780321385178

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Let Show that is in Span {u, v} for all h and k