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: | Ch 8 - 83AE

Chemistry: A Molecular Approach | 3rd Edition | ISBN: 9780321809247 | Authors: Nivaldo J. Tro ISBN: 9780321809247 1

Solution for problem 83AE Chapter 8

Chemistry: A Molecular Approach | 3rd Edition

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Chemistry: A Molecular Approach | 3rd Edition | ISBN: 9780321809247 | Authors: Nivaldo J. Tro

Chemistry: A Molecular Approach | 3rd Edition

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Problem 83AE


Step-by-Step Solution:
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Intro to Social Problems 3/8/16 & 3/10/16 GAPS • Economic Discrimination o Patterns of consistent discrimination-­‐ minorities less likely to get interviews and job offers/ social networks play a strong role § Social Audits= people (“testers”) w/ same skills and background varying by race are sent in to apply to same jobs (G.A.O.); Black and Latino testers receive on avg. 25% fewer interviews (than white) and 34% fewer job offers § Your name on resume can result in discrimination-­‐ Black sounding names received 50% fewer call backs § Homosocial reproduction: leaders want to hire people who think like them to perpetuate their ideas § Employment Agencies= discriminated against AA at a rate of 60% o ** Devah Pager: studied the effect of the criminal record on employment § AA w/ criminal record-­‐call back= 5%; w/o-­‐ Call back rate=14% § White w/ record-­‐ call back rate= 17%; w/o-­‐ call back rate= 34% o Unemployment § U.S. rate of unemployment= 5.2% ú White= 4.5% ú Black= 9.5% ú Latino=6.5% ú Asian= 3.7% o Acts of Discrimination in the workplace § Docking pay based on race, minorities forced to use separate facilities, using derogatory terms • Lifetime Earnings gaps large o Cost of Being Black= 10% pay cut o Raced pay gap stable since 1970s o Ways to change: § Hide names, open salary data, job specific testing, restructuring interview process, safety net for whistle-­‐blowers, affirmative action, Ban the Box o Affirmative action: government policy saying that qualified minority members have to be given preferential treatment § Diagnosis-­‐ effort to correct prior transgenerational oppression o Surplus/deficit of power for majority/minority groups: § Majority group justifies power by -­‐ 1) God, 2)Nature, 3) blaming minority • Education Inequality in education: o 1) Funding: differences in facilities, course offerings, teacher quality , extracurricular activities o 2) Admissions: legacy admissions (Harvard admits less than 10% of applicants, but accept 30-­‐40% of legacy apps) o 3) Segregation: ATL-­‐ 13% of city schools are 13% White; most AA and L atino students attend “minority dominated” schools o 4) Tracking: minority students 3x more likely to be tracked in vocational ed. o 5)Punishment: black student suspended/expelled 3x the rate of white students; black pre-­‐school rep. 18% of preschoolers, but make up 48% of suspensions of 1+ times § “School to prison pipeline” brought about by school resource officers bringing students to the justice sy stem on a first offense o 6) Degrees earned: 34% is the rate (Bachelor’s) § White Americans -­‐ 40% § Native Americans-­‐ 17% § Latino Americans-­‐ 16% § African Americans-­‐ 21% § Asian Americans-­‐ 60% § Multi-­‐Racial-­‐ 30% § Black men w/ master’s degrees earn less than white men w/ Bachelor’s § Black men w/ college degrees are as likely to be employed as white college dropouts • Policing o Suspicion 3/13/16 11:41 AM 3/13/16 11:41 AM

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Chapter 8, Problem 83AE is Solved
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Textbook: Chemistry: A Molecular Approach
Edition: 3
Author: Nivaldo J. Tro
ISBN: 9780321809247

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: | Ch 8 - 83AE