Ugly fries Few people want to eat discolored french fries.

Chapter , Problem R4.7

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Ugly fries Few people want to eat discolored french fries. Potatoes are kept refrigerated before being cut for french fries to prevent spoiling and preserve flavor. But immediate processing of cold potatoes causes discoloring due to complex chemical reactions. The potatoes must therefore be brought to room temperature before processing. Researchers want to design an experiment in which tasters will rate the color and flavor of french fries prepared from several groups of potatoes. The potatoes will be freshly picked or stored for a month at room temperature or stored for a month refrigerated. They will then be sliced and cooked either immediately or after an hour at room temperature. Identify the experimental units, explanatory variable(s), the treatments, and the response variable(s). s Describe a completely randomized design for an experiment.

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