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Solutions for Chapter 4: Intermediate Accounting 15th Edition

Intermediate Accounting | 15th Edition | ISBN: 9781118147290 | Authors: Donald E. Kieso

Full solutions for Intermediate Accounting | 15th Edition

ISBN: 9781118147290

Intermediate Accounting | 15th Edition | ISBN: 9781118147290 | Authors: Donald E. Kieso

Solutions for Chapter 4

Solutions for Chapter 4
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Textbook: Intermediate Accounting
Edition: 15
Author: Donald E. Kieso
ISBN: 9781118147290

Intermediate Accounting was written by Sieva Kozinsky and is associated to the ISBN: 9781118147290. This expansive textbook survival guide covers the following chapters and their solutions. Since 37 problems in chapter 4 have been answered, more than 1963 students have viewed full step-by-step solutions from this chapter. This textbook survival guide was created for the textbook: Intermediate Accounting, edition: 15. Chapter 4 includes 37 full step-by-step solutions.

Key Business Terms and definitions covered in this textbook
  • average total cost

    total cost divided by the quantity of output

  • budget constraint

    the limit on the consumption bundles that a consumer can afford

  • capital

    the equipment and structures used to produce goods and services

  • classical dichotomy

    the theoretical separation of nominal and real variables

  • complements

    two goods for which an increase in the price of one leads to a decrease in the demand for the other

  • excludability

    the property of a good whereby a person can be prevented from using it

  • externality

    the uncompensated impact of one person’s actions on the wellbeing of a bystander

  • financial markets

    financial institutions through which savers can directly provide funds to borrowers

  • Giffen good

    a good for which an increase in the price raises the quantity demanded

  • horizontal equity

    the idea that taxpayers with similar abilities to pay taxes should pay the same amount

  • marginal cost

    the increase in total cost that arises from an extra unit of production

  • median voter theorem

    a mathematical result showing that if voters are choosing a point along a line and each voter wants the point closest to his most preferred point, then majority rule will pick the most preferred point of the median voter

  • multiplier effect

    the additional shifts in aggregate demand that result when expansionary fiscal policy increases income and thereby increases consumer spending

  • political economy

    the study of government using the analytic methods of economics

  • price floor

    a legal minimum on the price at which a good can be sold

  • quantity demanded

    the amount of a good that buyers are willing and able to purchase

  • quantity equation

    the equation M × V = P × Y, which relates the quantity of money, the velocity of money, and the dollar value of the economy’s output of goods and services

  • sacrifice ratio

    the number of percentage points of annual output lost in the process of reducing inflation by 1 percentage point

  • supply curve

    a graph of the relationship between the price of a good and the quantity supplied

  • world price

    the price of a good that prevails in the world market for that good

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