Solutions for Chapter 8: Techniques of Integration

Thomas' Calculus | 12th Edition | ISBN: 9780321587992 | Authors: George B. Thomas Jr.

Full solutions for Thomas' Calculus | 12th Edition

ISBN: 9780321587992

Thomas' Calculus | 12th Edition | ISBN: 9780321587992 | Authors: George B. Thomas Jr.

Solutions for Chapter 8: Techniques of Integration

Solutions for Chapter 8
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Textbook: Thomas' Calculus
Edition: 12
Author: George B. Thomas Jr.
ISBN: 9780321587992

This textbook survival guide was created for the textbook: Thomas' Calculus, edition: 12. Thomas' Calculus was written by Sieva Kozinsky and is associated to the ISBN: 9780321587992. This expansive textbook survival guide covers the following chapters and their solutions. Since 116 problems in chapter 8: Techniques of Integration have been answered, more than 4013 students have viewed full step-by-step solutions from this chapter. Chapter 8: Techniques of Integration includes 116 full step-by-step solutions.

Key Calculus Terms and definitions covered in this textbook
  • Ambiguous case

    The case in which two sides and a nonincluded angle can determine two different triangles

  • Bounded

    A function is bounded if there are numbers b and B such that b ? ƒ(x) ? B for all x in the domain of f.

  • Derivative of ƒ at x a

    ƒ'(a) = lim x:a ƒ(x) - ƒ(a) x - a provided the limit exists

  • Descriptive statistics

    The gathering and processing of numerical information

  • Equivalent arrows

    Arrows that have the same magnitude and direction.

  • First octant

    The points (x, y, z) in space with x > 0 y > 0, and z > 0.

  • Inductive step

    See Mathematical induction.

  • Inverse variation

    See Power function.

  • Invertible linear system

    A system of n linear equations in n variables whose coefficient matrix has a nonzero determinant.

  • Lemniscate

    A graph of a polar equation of the form r2 = a2 sin 2u or r 2 = a2 cos 2u.

  • Main diagonal

    The diagonal from the top left to the bottom right of a square matrix

  • Midpoint (in a coordinate plane)

    For the line segment with endpoints (a,b) and (c,d), (aa + c2 ,b + d2)

  • Nonsingular matrix

    A square matrix with nonzero determinant

  • Ordinary annuity

    An annuity in which deposits are made at the same time interest is posted.

  • Placebo

    In an experimental study, an inactive treatment that is equivalent to the active treatment in every respect except for the factor about which an inference is to be made. Subjects in a blind experiment do not know if they have been given the active treatment or the placebo.

  • Pole

    See Polar coordinate system.

  • Radius

    The distance from a point on a circle (or a sphere) to the center of the circle (or the sphere).

  • Standard unit vectors

    In the plane i = <1, 0> and j = <0,1>; in space i = <1,0,0>, j = <0,1,0> k = <0,0,1>

  • Trichotomy property

    For real numbers a and b, exactly one of the following is true: a < b, a = b , or a > b.

  • Vertex of a cone

    See Right circular cone.

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