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Calculus 8th Edition - Solutions by Chapter

Calculus | 8th Edition | ISBN: 9780618502981 | Authors: Ron Larson Robert P. Hostetler, Bruce H. Edwards

Full solutions for Calculus | 8th Edition

ISBN: 9780618502981

Calculus | 8th Edition | ISBN: 9780618502981 | Authors: Ron Larson Robert P. Hostetler, Bruce H. Edwards

Calculus | 8th Edition - Solutions by Chapter

Solutions by Chapter
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Textbook: Calculus
Edition: 8
Author: Ron Larson Robert P. Hostetler, Bruce H. Edwards
ISBN: 9780618502981

This textbook survival guide was created for the textbook: Calculus, edition: 8. This expansive textbook survival guide covers the following chapters: 127. Since problems from 127 chapters in Calculus have been answered, more than 18883 students have viewed full step-by-step answer. The full step-by-step solution to problem in Calculus were answered by Patricia, our top Calculus solution expert on 01/18/18, 04:40PM. Calculus was written by Patricia and is associated to the ISBN: 9780618502981.

Key Calculus Terms and definitions covered in this textbook
  • Annuity

    A sequence of equal periodic payments.

  • Arrow

    The notation PQ denoting the directed line segment with initial point P and terminal point Q.

  • Circle graph

    A circular graphical display of categorical data

  • Compound fraction

    A fractional expression in which the numerator or denominator may contain fractions

  • Conditional probability

    The probability of an event A given that an event B has already occurred

  • Dot product

    The number found when the corresponding components of two vectors are multiplied and then summed

  • Gaussian elimination

    A method of solving a system of n linear equations in n unknowns.

  • Implied domain

    The domain of a function’s algebraic expression.

  • Least-squares line

    See Linear regression line.

  • Left-hand limit of f at x a

    The limit of ƒ as x approaches a from the left.

  • Linear function

    A function that can be written in the form ƒ(x) = mx + b, where and b are real numbers

  • Multiplicative inverse of a matrix

    See Inverse of a matrix

  • Permutations of n objects taken r at a time

    There are nPr = n!1n - r2! such permutations

  • Power function

    A function of the form ƒ(x) = k . x a, where k and a are nonzero constants. k is the constant of variation and a is the power.

  • Projection of u onto v

    The vector projv u = au # vƒvƒb2v

  • Rational zeros

    Zeros of a function that are rational numbers.

  • Reciprocal function

    The function ƒ(x) = 1x

  • Reciprocal of a real number

    See Multiplicative inverse of a real number.

  • Root of an equation

    A solution.

  • Time plot

    A line graph in which time is measured on the horizontal axis.

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