Solutions for Chapter 12-10: Cumulative Reviews

Calculus: Concepts and Applications | 2nd Edition | ISBN: 9781559536547 | Authors: Paul A. Foerster

Full solutions for Calculus: Concepts and Applications | 2nd Edition

ISBN: 9781559536547

Calculus: Concepts and Applications | 2nd Edition | ISBN: 9781559536547 | Authors: Paul A. Foerster

Solutions for Chapter 12-10: Cumulative Reviews

Solutions for Chapter 12-10
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Textbook: Calculus: Concepts and Applications
Edition: 2
Author: Paul A. Foerster
ISBN: 9781559536547

This expansive textbook survival guide covers the following chapters and their solutions. Calculus: Concepts and Applications was written by Patricia and is associated to the ISBN: 9781559536547. This textbook survival guide was created for the textbook: Calculus: Concepts and Applications, edition: 2. Chapter 12-10: Cumulative Reviews includes 26 full step-by-step solutions. Since 26 problems in chapter 12-10: Cumulative Reviews have been answered, more than 10129 students have viewed full step-by-step solutions from this chapter.

Key Calculus Terms and definitions covered in this textbook
  • Angle between vectors

    The angle formed by two nonzero vectors sharing a common initial point

  • Chord of a conic

    A line segment with endpoints on the conic

  • Complex number

    An expression a + bi, where a (the real part) and b (the imaginary part) are real numbers

  • Conditional probability

    The probability of an event A given that an event B has already occurred

  • Equivalent vectors

    Vectors with the same magnitude and direction.

  • Even function

    A function whose graph is symmetric about the y-axis for all x in the domain of ƒ.

  • Identity

    An equation that is always true throughout its domain.

  • Index of summation

    See Summation notation.

  • Inferential statistics

    Using the science of statistics to make inferences about the parameters in a population from a sample.

  • Matrix element

    Any of the real numbers in a matrix

  • Multiplication property of equality

    If u = v and w = z, then uw = vz

  • Newton’s law of cooling

    T1t2 = Tm + 1T0 - Tm2e-kt

  • Opposite

    See Additive inverse of a real number and Additive inverse of a complex number.

  • Parametric equations for a line in space

    The line through P0(x 0, y0, z 0) in the direction of the nonzero vector v = <a, b, c> has parametric equations x = x 0 + at, y = y 0 + bt, z = z0 + ct.

  • Rational numbers

    Numbers that can be written as a/b, where a and b are integers, and b ? 0.

  • Sample standard deviation

    The standard deviation computed using only a sample of the entire population.

  • Solution of an equation or inequality

    A value of the variable (or values of the variables) for which the equation or inequality is true

  • Solve algebraically

    Use an algebraic method, including paper and pencil manipulation and obvious mental work, with no calculator or grapher use. When appropriate, the final exact solution may be approximated by a calculator

  • Sum of complex numbers

    (a + bi) + (c + di) = (a + c) + (b + d)i

  • Vertex of a parabola

    The point of intersection of a parabola and its line of symmetry.

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