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Step by step answers to all of your textbook questions in subjects like chemistry, biology, physics, calculus, statistics and many more... in both written and video form!
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Check out our class notes and exam study guides written and shared by your classmates, as well as fundamentals videos to get you ready for Midterms and Finals!

At StudySoup we offer tons of study tools and a community of other students to study with you!

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Most of us process information best when we use more of our senses while learning. That’s why we’ve crafted a range of video content tailored just for learners like you.

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Ditch the standard textbook answers and dive into our AnswerED videos. Not only will you get the solution, but you’ll also understand the why behind it. With step-by-step walk throughs, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the topic.

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We’ve got your back! With PreparED, you’ll have access to video overviews that break down complex subjects. Whether you’re learning a topic for the first time, needing a clearer understanding or just looking for a refresher before exams, we have you covered.

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Feeling isolated when you’re studying? You don’t need to be! We have a Discord Channel for students that you can connect and learn with. Also, don’t miss our fun and lively livestreams on YouTube, like Chemistry Rockstar!



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