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In 2014, our founders introduced StudySoup as a peer-to-peer marketplace where students could share and monetize their academic insights by selling notes and study guides to classmates. Inspired by personal experiences in college, they noticed a disparity: some students excelled while others struggled, not always due to a lack of aptitude or intelligence. Recognizing the varied skill sets among students, our founders envisioned a platform where those proficient in crafting exam materials could aid their peers, not only on campus but across the country.

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Today, StudySoup has evolved beyond a marketplace. Our educational suite now boasts a variety of offerings tailored to student needs. This includes meticulously designed video content that aligns with general education and core curriculum, ensuring students are well-prepared for their exams. Additionally, we provide indispensable tools designed specifically to support students navigating the challenges of STEM courses in higher education. 

Our Mission

At StudySoup we engage with students at every stage or their academic journey. We believe in catering to diverse learning styles and providing every learner the resources they need to not only succeed but also thrive. Our aim is not merely to help students graduate but to instill a genuine passion and understanding for what they’ve learned. Every educator cherishes the moment when a student’s eyes light up with understanding; at StudySoup, we’re committed to making those moments happen.

At StudySoup we offer tons of study tools and a community of other students to study with you!


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