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San Francisco State University, located in CA, was ranked #63 out of 310 ranked universities in the US in 2016.

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How hard is it to get into San Francisco State University?

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In the 2013 school year, 31,963 applicants applied to San Francisco State University. Out of which 21,087 of the applicants were admitted and 2,237,410 enrolled.


How many students go to San Francisco State University?

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The enrollment breakdown at San Francisco State University includes 22,374 Freshmen which make up 74% of the student body. There are 26,156 undergraduate students, which count for 87% and 3,749 graduate students who make up the remaining 12%.


What percentage of students graduate from San Francisco State University?

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At San Francisco State University, 45% of the students graduate or transfer.

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  • Overall school rating 3/5
    Like any school you attend, SFSU is what you make of it. A lot of students do commute but it makes it more interesting if you make friends with them because you can see new parts of the bay area. Its really close to a lot of places it's by downtown, height street and golden gate park. There's a lot of activism going around campus which is great! ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 2/5
    First thing's first: SFSU is a COMMUTER SCHOOL. The campus is small, but pretty. The food is edible, however i prefer going to the Subway or the sushi/burger joint they have on campus. Probably one of my main complaints about the school is how far away it is from every thing. Nothing is walking distance, if you want to explore, its at least a 20 min drive into the city. ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 4/5
    Like any college sfsu has some good and bad aspects about it but its unfair to rate a school based on parties and events. The towns dorm is super clean and comfy, the weather last summer was 90 degrees!!! And winters around 50 degrees. Almost like Los Angeles (where I came from). But the social life and academic surrounding is superb. I would definitely recommend this School to anyone. ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 4/5
    This is a great campus, modern and there are plenty of people around to help you out with whatever you need. Easygoing, middle-class students. Most professors are helpful, want you to succeed. Lots to be gained at SFSU if you're willing to work for it. I would have never joined one until I got to State, and I had a great time! I still have those friends today and knew people walking around campus. San Francisco is a cool place to live, esp your college years! Just explore. don't get stuck next to the campus fog. ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 3/5
    It would be a lot more happy here if the food wasn't so awful. I was more challenged at my community college than this school. The class sizes are way too big. The campus is beautiful and services are pretty good. It's a bit of a commuter school so try to get on campus housing! Try to join a club or make friends in your classes. They have unlimited amount of help from where ever you need it. Every school is a party school if you are looking for it. ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 3/5
    SFSU is a great school, small class size, great professors and peers. That severely colors your impression and opinion of the campus. ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 3/5
    As a transfer student i regret coming here. The front desk staff at the Grad Stop seem to make things up just to make us go away. ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 1/5
    Cant wait to transfer out of this school. ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 4/5
    Here you go. The campus is located right at the border of Daly City so you have to carry a jacket with you because of the cold breeze and fog. The new library is nice and there are plenty of comfy places to take a nap or actually study if you're into that kind of stuff. Friendly students. Helpful staff. Have events for students who dorm and do not dorm. Feel safe while on campus. ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 2/5
    In terms of academics & social life SFSU is a far below average. No doubt there is a need in changes of the system. For example, JEPET test that is required by Junior year students to take with the passing rate is just about 30%-40%. Besides that, it seems that the budget cut has caused a lot of professors to lose motivation in guiding the students. ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 4/5
    This school has been absoutely wonderful in my eyes. Made still feel close to he. However, it's San Francisco, which is the greatest city in the world, and you're getting valueble networking from being in the heart of the Silicon Valleytech industry. It's what you make of it, and I personally really like it here. ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 4/5
    This was the most amazing college that I was able to experience. Have a lot of opportunities. ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 5/5
    Loved the campus, loved the people, loved the professors, love the social life, loved the city, loved the food, loved the dorms, absolutely astronomical. ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 5/5
    Freshman year was a success for me. I'm not in my sophomore year of this school and it was such a wise decision on my part to come here! The shuttle comes every fifteen minutes. I also like their hybrid classes - students have a choice to attend class or do the course totally online - sfsu is a great school. ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 4/5
    My 4 years here have been unforgettable. I live in Yosemite area and to get home and back is not completely tiring, about a good 3 hours. Muni is your key to San Francisco, it can take you virtually everywhere! BART is also a great system of public transportation! ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 5/5
    SFSU by far is a great school that has a lot to offer its students. I miss this Uni very much when I was back to my country. SFSU will inspire what you in the many different ways of getting things done. Professors are very helpful, if you pay attention what you have learnt in the lecture, in the books, and in your personal experience. ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 3/5
    Its a commuter school, other than that, its a pretty nice campus ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 3/5
    Love the campus! ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 3/5
    SFSU is a pretty good college. When I came to SFSU all I wanted to do is party, but I soon came to find out that it is not a party school. If you want the party experience, join a fraternity or sorority like I did. SFSU may not be amazing but we live in a city that is full of opportunities, i just got an internship at a large firm downtown. All you have to do is try ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 1/5
    Not happy with this university at all. ...Continue reading