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University Physics - 13 Edition - Chapter 3 - Problem 72p
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Solutions for University Physics | 13th Edition | ISBN: 9780321675460 | Authors: Hugh D. Young, Roger A. Freedman 9780321675460

Solution for problem 72P Chapter 3

Tossing Your Lunch. Henrietta is jogging on the side-walk

University Physics | 13th Edition

Problem 72P

Tossing Your Lunch.? Henrietta is jogging on the side-walk at 3.05 m/s on the way to her physics class. Bruce realizes that she forgot her bag of bagels, so he runs to the window, which is 38.0 m above the street level and directly above the sidewalk, to throw the bag to her. He throws it horizontally 9.00 s after she has passed below the window, and she catches it on the run. Ignore air resistance. (a) With what initial speed must Bruce throw the bagels so that Henrietta can catch the bag just before it hits the ground? (b) Where is Henrietta when she catches the bagels?

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Session 1.1: Origins of Life: The RNA World Exam review view in a separate window Summary of concepts and idea 1. The universe originated 12-15 BYA (billion years ago) after the big bang, an explosion of matter and energy leading to its dispersion and the development of the early universe (pre-class interactive slides, History of the Universe). 2. Fusion reactions between H and He formed most of the lighter chemical elements during the development of stars. Fusions of these two elements lead to generation of many lighter elements including the most common elements necessary for life. What

Chapter 3, Problem 72P is Solved

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Tossing Your Lunch. Henrietta is jogging on the side-walk