Solutions for Chapter 4: Applications of Derivatives

Thomas' Calculus | 12th Edition | ISBN: 9780321587992 | Authors: George B. Thomas Jr.

Full solutions for Thomas' Calculus | 12th Edition

ISBN: 9780321587992

Thomas' Calculus | 12th Edition | ISBN: 9780321587992 | Authors: George B. Thomas Jr.

Solutions for Chapter 4: Applications of Derivatives

Solutions for Chapter 4
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Textbook: Thomas' Calculus
Edition: 12
Author: George B. Thomas Jr.
ISBN: 9780321587992

This expansive textbook survival guide covers the following chapters and their solutions. This textbook survival guide was created for the textbook: Thomas' Calculus, edition: 12. Since 82 problems in chapter 4: Applications of Derivatives have been answered, more than 5194 students have viewed full step-by-step solutions from this chapter. Thomas' Calculus was written by and is associated to the ISBN: 9780321587992. Chapter 4: Applications of Derivatives includes 82 full step-by-step solutions.

Key Calculus Terms and definitions covered in this textbook
  • Arithmetic sequence

    A sequence {an} in which an = an-1 + d for every integer n ? 2 . The number d is the common difference.

  • Binomial

    A polynomial with exactly two terms

  • Binomial probability

    In an experiment with two possible outcomes, the probability of one outcome occurring k times in n independent trials is P1E2 = n!k!1n - k2!pk11 - p) n-k where p is the probability of the outcome occurring once

  • Compounded continuously

    Interest compounded using the formula A = Pert

  • Constant function (on an interval)

    ƒ(x 1) = ƒ(x 2) x for any x1 and x2 (in the interval)

  • Cotangent

    The function y = cot x

  • Dihedral angle

    An angle formed by two intersecting planes,

  • First-degree equation in x , y, and z

    An equation that can be written in the form.

  • Horizontal component

    See Component form of a vector.

  • Intercepted arc

    Arc of a circle between the initial side and terminal side of a central angle.

  • Inverse properties

    a + 1-a2 = 0, a # 1a

  • Modulus

    See Absolute value of a complex number.

  • Piecewise-defined function

    A function whose domain is divided into several parts with a different function rule applied to each part, p. 104.

  • Polar distance formula

    The distance between the points with polar coordinates (r1, ?1 ) and (r2, ?2 ) = 2r 12 + r 22 - 2r1r2 cos 1?1 - ?22

  • Power regression

    A procedure for fitting a curve y = a . x b to a set of data.

  • Radian

    The measure of a central angle whose intercepted arc has a length equal to the circle’s radius.

  • Rectangular coordinate system

    See Cartesian coordinate system.

  • Right triangle

    A triangle with a 90° angle.

  • Symmetric difference quotient of ƒ at a

    ƒ(x + h) - ƒ(x - h) 2h

  • Variation

    See Power function.

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