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Precalculus 4th Edition - Solutions by Chapter

Precalculus | 4th Edition | ISBN: 9780321559845 | Authors: Robert F. Blitzer

Full solutions for Precalculus | 4th Edition

ISBN: 9780321559845

Precalculus | 4th Edition | ISBN: 9780321559845 | Authors: Robert F. Blitzer

Precalculus | 4th Edition - Solutions by Chapter

Solutions by Chapter
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Textbook: Precalculus
Edition: 4
Author: Robert F. Blitzer
ISBN: 9780321559845

Since problems from 92 chapters in Precalculus have been answered, more than 34690 students have viewed full step-by-step answer. The full step-by-step solution to problem in Precalculus were answered by Patricia, our top Calculus solution expert on 01/04/18, 08:34PM. This expansive textbook survival guide covers the following chapters: 92. Precalculus was written by Patricia and is associated to the ISBN: 9780321559845. This textbook survival guide was created for the textbook: Precalculus, edition: 4.

Key Calculus Terms and definitions covered in this textbook
  • Absolute maximum

    A value ƒ(c) is an absolute maximum value of ƒ if ƒ(c) ? ƒ(x) for all x in the domain of ƒ.

  • Acute triangle

    A triangle in which all angles measure less than 90°

  • Basic logistic function

    The function ƒ(x) = 1 / 1 + e-x

  • Cosine

    The function y = cos x

  • Difference identity

    An identity involving a trigonometric function of u - v

  • Inequality

    A statement that compares two quantities using an inequality symbol

  • kth term of a sequence

    The kth expression in the sequence

  • Line of travel

    The path along which an object travels

  • Linear inequality in x

    An inequality that can be written in the form ax + b < 0 ,ax + b … 0 , ax + b > 0, or ax + b Ú 0, where a and b are real numbers and a Z 0

  • Measure of center

    A measure of the typical, middle, or average value for a data set

  • Minor axis

    The perpendicular bisector of the major axis of an ellipse with endpoints on the ellipse.

  • Newton’s law of cooling

    T1t2 = Tm + 1T0 - Tm2e-kt

  • Probability of an event in a finite sample space of equally likely outcomes

    The number of outcomes in the event divided by the number of outcomes in the sample space.

  • Projection of u onto v

    The vector projv u = au # vƒvƒb2v

  • Quadric surface

    The graph in three dimensions of a seconddegree equation in three variables.

  • Rational numbers

    Numbers that can be written as a/b, where a and b are integers, and b ? 0.

  • Rectangular coordinate system

    See Cartesian coordinate system.

  • Secant

    The function y = sec x.

  • Solve algebraically

    Use an algebraic method, including paper and pencil manipulation and obvious mental work, with no calculator or grapher use. When appropriate, the final exact solution may be approximated by a calculator

  • Trichotomy property

    For real numbers a and b, exactly one of the following is true: a < b, a = b , or a > b.

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