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Precalculus 4th Edition - Solutions by Chapter

Precalculus | 4th Edition | ISBN: 9780321559845 | Authors: Robert F. Blitzer

Full solutions for Precalculus | 4th Edition

ISBN: 9780321559845

Precalculus | 4th Edition | ISBN: 9780321559845 | Authors: Robert F. Blitzer

Precalculus | 4th Edition - Solutions by Chapter

Solutions by Chapter
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Textbook: Precalculus
Edition: 4
Author: Robert F. Blitzer
ISBN: 9780321559845

Since problems from 92 chapters in Precalculus have been answered, more than 26686 students have viewed full step-by-step answer. The full step-by-step solution to problem in Precalculus were answered by Patricia, our top Calculus solution expert on 01/04/18, 08:34PM. This expansive textbook survival guide covers the following chapters: 92. Precalculus was written by Patricia and is associated to the ISBN: 9780321559845. This textbook survival guide was created for the textbook: Precalculus, edition: 4.

Key Calculus Terms and definitions covered in this textbook
  • Annual percentage rate (APR)

    The annual interest rate

  • Bar chart

    A rectangular graphical display of categorical data.

  • Complex fraction

    See Compound fraction.

  • Descriptive statistics

    The gathering and processing of numerical information

  • Double-blind experiment

    A blind experiment in which the researcher gathering data from the subjects is not told which subjects have received which treatment

  • Elementary row operations

    The following three row operations: Multiply all elements of a row by a nonzero constant; interchange two rows; and add a multiple of one row to another row

  • Expanded form of a series

    A series written explicitly as a sum of terms (not in summation notation).

  • Frequency

    Reciprocal of the period of a sinusoid.

  • Graphical model

    A visible representation of a numerical or algebraic model.

  • Initial point

    See Arrow.

  • Irrational zeros

    Zeros of a function that are irrational numbers.

  • Law of sines

    sin A a = sin B b = sin C c

  • Limit

    limx:aƒ1x2 = L means that ƒ(x) gets arbitrarily close to L as x gets arbitrarily close (but not equal) to a

  • LRAM

    A Riemann sum approximation of the area under a curve ƒ(x) from x = a to x = b using x1 as the left-hand endpoint of each subinterval

  • Quadratic function

    A function that can be written in the form ƒ(x) = ax 2 + bx + c, where a, b, and c are real numbers, and a ? 0.

  • Quadratic regression

    A procedure for fitting a quadratic function to a set of data.

  • Scientific notation

    A positive number written as c x 10m, where 1 ? c < 10 and m is an integer.

  • Spiral of Archimedes

    The graph of the polar curve.

  • Statistic

    A number that measures a quantitative variable for a sample from a population.

  • Synthetic division

    A procedure used to divide a polynomial by a linear factor, x - a

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