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Calculus 9th Edition - Solutions by Chapter

Calculus | 9th Edition | ISBN: 9780547167022 | Authors: Ron Larson, Bruce H. Edwards

Full solutions for Calculus | 9th Edition

ISBN: 9780547167022

Calculus | 9th Edition | ISBN: 9780547167022 | Authors: Ron Larson, Bruce H. Edwards

Calculus | 9th Edition - Solutions by Chapter

Solutions by Chapter
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Textbook: Calculus
Edition: 9
Author: Ron Larson, Bruce H. Edwards
ISBN: 9780547167022

This expansive textbook survival guide covers the following chapters: 125. Since problems from 125 chapters in Calculus have been answered, more than 21466 students have viewed full step-by-step answer. The full step-by-step solution to problem in Calculus were answered by Patricia, our top Calculus solution expert on 03/08/18, 08:41PM. Calculus was written by Patricia and is associated to the ISBN: 9780547167022. This textbook survival guide was created for the textbook: Calculus , edition: 9.

Key Calculus Terms and definitions covered in this textbook
  • Absolute value of a complex number

    The absolute value of the complex number z = a + b is given by ?a2+b2; also, the length of the segment from the origin to z in the complex plane.

  • Anchor

    See Mathematical induction.

  • Damping factor

    The factor Ae-a in an equation such as y = Ae-at cos bt

  • Dihedral angle

    An angle formed by two intersecting planes,

  • Distance (in a coordinate plane)

    The distance d(P, Q) between P(x, y) and Q(x, y) d(P, Q) = 2(x 1 - x 2)2 + (y1 - y2)2

  • Expanded form of a series

    A series written explicitly as a sum of terms (not in summation notation).

  • Instantaneous rate of change

    See Derivative at x = a.

  • Irrational numbers

    Real numbers that are not rational, p. 2.

  • Linear programming problem

    A method of solving certain problems involving maximizing or minimizing a function of two variables (called an objective function) subject to restrictions (called constraints)

  • Lower bound test for real zeros

    A test for finding a lower bound for the real zeros of a polynomial

  • Mathematical model

    A mathematical structure that approximates phenomena for the purpose of studying or predicting their behavior

  • Open interval

    An interval that does not include its endpoints.

  • Probability distribution

    The collection of probabilities of outcomes in a sample space assigned by a probability function.

  • Quartic function

    A degree 4 polynomial function.

  • Quotient polynomial

    See Division algorithm for polynomials.

  • Radicand

    See Radical.

  • Richter scale

    A logarithmic scale used in measuring the intensity of an earthquake.

  • Row operations

    See Elementary row operations.

  • Semiperimeter of a triangle

    One-half of the sum of the lengths of the sides of a triangle.

  • Vertices of a hyperbola

    The points where a hyperbola intersects the line containing its foci.

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