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Textbooks / Calculus / Calculus of A Single Variable 7

Calculus of A Single Variable 7th Edition - Solutions by Chapter

Full solutions for Calculus of A Single Variable | 7th Edition

ISBN: 9780618149162

Calculus of A Single Variable | 7th Edition - Solutions by Chapter

Solutions by Chapter
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Textbook: Calculus of A Single Variable
Edition: 7
Author: Ron Larson, Robert P. Hostetler, Bruce H. Edwards, David E. Heyd
ISBN: 9780618149162

This expansive textbook survival guide covers the following chapters: 80. Calculus of A Single Variable was written by and is associated to the ISBN: 9780618149162. This textbook survival guide was created for the textbook: Calculus of A Single Variable, edition: 7. Since problems from 80 chapters in Calculus of A Single Variable have been answered, more than 42220 students have viewed full step-by-step answer. The full step-by-step solution to problem in Calculus of A Single Variable were answered by , our top Calculus solution expert on 03/14/18, 08:13PM.

Key Calculus Terms and definitions covered in this textbook
  • Arctangent function

    See Inverse tangent function.

  • Average velocity

    The change in position divided by the change in time.

  • Continuous at x = a

    lim x:a x a ƒ(x) = ƒ(a)

  • Convergence of a series

    A series aqk=1 ak converges to a sum S if imn: q ank=1ak = S

  • Cosine

    The function y = cos x

  • equation of a hyperbola

    (x - h)2 a2 - (y - k)2 b2 = 1 or (y - k)2 a2 - (x - h)2 b2 = 1

  • Graph of a relation

    The set of all points in the coordinate plane corresponding to the ordered pairs of the relation.

  • Grapher or graphing utility

    Graphing calculator or a computer with graphing software.

  • Inverse of a matrix

    The inverse of a square matrix A, if it exists, is a matrix B, such that AB = BA = I , where I is an identity matrix.

  • Invertible linear system

    A system of n linear equations in n variables whose coefficient matrix has a nonzero determinant.

  • Linear regression equation

    Equation of a linear regression line

  • n factorial

    For any positive integer n, n factorial is n! = n.(n - 1) . (n - 2) .... .3.2.1; zero factorial is 0! = 1

  • Origin

    The number zero on a number line, or the point where the x- and y-axes cross in the Cartesian coordinate system, or the point where the x-, y-, and z-axes cross in Cartesian three-dimensional space

  • Polynomial in x

    An expression that can be written in the form an x n + an-1x n-1 + Á + a1x + a0, where n is a nonnegative integer, the coefficients are real numbers, and an ? 0. The degree of the polynomial is n, the leading coefficient is an, the leading term is anxn, and the constant term is a0. (The number 0 is the zero polynomial)

  • Range screen

    See Viewing window.

  • Resistant measure

    A statistical measure that does not change much in response to outliers.

  • Secant line of ƒ

    A line joining two points of the graph of ƒ.

  • Solve by elimination or substitution

    Methods for solving systems of linear equations.

  • Unit vector in the direction of a vector

    A unit vector that has the same direction as the given vector.

  • Upper bound for ƒ

    Any number B for which ƒ(x) ? B for all x in the domain of ƒ.