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Georgia Institute of Technology, located in GA, was ranked #36 out of 310 ranked universities in the US in 2016.

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How hard is it to get into Georgia Institute of Technology?

Acceptance Rate


In the 2013 school year, 25,884 applicants applied to Georgia Institute of Technology. Out of which 8,641 of the applicants were admitted and 3,209,616 enrolled.


How many students go to Georgia Institute of Technology?

Total Enrollment


The enrollment breakdown at Georgia Institute of Technology includes 32,096 Freshmen which make up 464% of the student body. There are 6,915 undergraduate students, which count for 100% and 0 graduate students who make up the remaining 0%.


What percentage of students graduate from Georgia Institute of Technology?

4 Year Graduation Rate


At Georgia Institute of Technology, 17% of the students graduate or transfer.

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  • Overall school rating 3/5
    This school is not for everyone. We have a huge mental health problem, professors only really care about their tenure and their research, all responsibility is deflected onto the students. Expect an obscene amount of work and studying and several all-nighters with crying breaks. ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 4/5
    I love this place so much! ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 4/5
    Best choice I've ever made. People get negative because it's hard but if you do your stuff you won't leave here without a job. The dining hall food is not great but Atlanta is an excellent food city, and it's pretty cool otherwise to. It's growing into a great tech city with a lot of culture. There's also clubs for anything and solid social life. MUSICIAN'S NETWORK UNDER THE COUCH!!! YAAAAYYYY!!!! ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 4/5
    The dining hall food, freshman dorms and a lot of the on-campus apartments are sub-par, but the opportunities and quality of education offered here make up for it. But it has everything you need to succeed and thrive. It prepares you for the real world, and has plenty of opportunity to work/co-op/intern while in school, so you can find a job you really like. There is a social scene for any and everyone. ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 4/5
    Awesome job opportunities. You're gonna have to study very very hard and will find yourself struggling most of the time, but you will become a helluva an engineer. Guy//Girl ratio slowly evening out. Classes are hard as hell though. ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 4/5
    Amazing school. ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 4/5
    Georgia Tech is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn how to become successful especially in entrepreneurship and invention (aside from engineering). Fun place to be, despite poor internet connection and a somewhat repetitive menu at the food courts. You'll never want to leave campus, even though its place in Atlanta offers so much fun just a short walk away. ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 3/5
    The food here is pretty bad, safety really isn't an issue, clubs aren't as plentiful as I would like, but there are a lot of opportunities for you to develop your professional career here if you're dedicated and focused. It's stupidly difficult and makes me hate my life but I wouldn't change it for the world! Internet speed on ethernet is amazing (gb's in seconds), wifi is spotty, requires effort for a social life. ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 3/5
    Food could be much better. Classes can be overwhelming and hard. ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 4/5
    Come for the engineering, stay because what other choice do you have Dining hall gets old FAST. Heavy on the booze but that is to be expected in college. A fair amount of hipocracy, as is also to be expected. Hard work, but rewarding in the end. If you make the right friends, you will have a fantastic time. top 5 engineering programs and limitless opportunities ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 4/5
    I really love the overall atmosphere of the campus. Everyone is extremely friendly! ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 4/5
    Hard, hard work for a huge payoff in degree value. Hard in general. ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 4/5
    be ready for a very big challenge. You have things to do, but you are too busy and too tired to do them. Go Figure. It's easy to find a good time and have fun, but you often have so much work to do that you are overwhelmed and can't go out. I had fun and loved it but there are a lot of unhappy people here. ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 4/5
    So many research opportunities. Food is mostly just repetitive in dining halls but besides that it is much better than what most reviews say. ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 5/5
    Dreamed of going to GT since I was very young. ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 3/5
    Good education. Rigorous academic culture, supportive community. Social scene is alive and well, if you can handle it. ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 3/5
    Georgia Tech is a great school and I never regret having come here. It may be very difficult at times, but this is the place to be if you want to succeed. Go greek to get a social life, and the rest is great (just don't forget to study.... a lot...). ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 4/5
    Georgia Tech is amazing! People joke, but it is manageable. The diversity is amazing and it is always humbling and constructive to be around so many accomplished people. Your classes will be tough. You have to work for every grade, even in your easy classes, but that's why you're here after all. That being said, there is a social opportunity for everyone here. Greek system is fantastic. Like they say, work hard, play hard. Go Jackets ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 4/5
    I love Georgia Tech! If you're looking to breeze through college, this isn't the school for you. ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 3/5
    Beautiful campus. Professors are respected and respectful. Awesome reputation. Won't be disappointed when you graduate. May be discouraged along the way - the classes aren't just easy A's. Very underrated and worth the investment ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 3/5
    Good school, good opportunities, work ur butt off. ...Continue reading

  • Overall school rating 4/5
    The opportunities as far as networking, co-ops, health and wellness facilities and support, athletic clubs and facilities, and extra academic help are phenomenal. It's worth it, but it's definitely no