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What are the two general concepts involved in equilibrium?

Introductory Chemistry | 5th Edition | ISBN: 9780321910295 | Authors: Nivaldo J Tro ISBN: 9780321910295 34

Solution for problem 1Q Chapter 15

Introductory Chemistry | 5th Edition

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Introductory Chemistry | 5th Edition | ISBN: 9780321910295 | Authors: Nivaldo J Tro

Introductory Chemistry | 5th Edition

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Problem 1Q

Problem 1Q

What are the two general concepts involved in equilibrium?

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CIS Study guide 3 1. Which of the following is an Http method GET, OPTIONS and PUT 2. Which http method does a browser use when you upload files to a specific web address PUT 3. Http is considered to be a stateless protocol. 4. Which of the following is data that would be found in a cookie Access data, customer number, and shopping cart 5. A third party cookie is set by a site other than the one you connected to. HTTPS 6. If you are sending personal data such as a credit card information to a web site, which of the following should you see in the address bar of your browser 7. Social media are online services that facilitate communication and interaction among people who want to share information. 8. What provides a visual model for classifying and comparing various social media services Social media honeycomb 9. Which popular social media service is good for sharing media and information Content community 10.A person presence on a media service is referred to as an online identity. Online identity 11.A basic social media profile generally includes which of the following username 12.Geosocial networking provides a platform for users to carryout interactions based on their current location. 13.Which of the following is a type of location service Cell tower triangulations, GPS trilateration, and hotspot triangulations 14.Which of the following is the least important characteristic of content communities groups 15.The bulletin board systems of the 1970’s are considered to be forerunners of content communities and social networks. Content community and social networks. 16.Social media sites are an example of content communities. 17.Metadata tags make it possible to search for photos and videos using keywords. 18.Which of the following is considered to be intellectual property Patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets 19.A nonprofit organization called creative commons provides a set of standardized licenses that copyright holders can use to extend the rights to use their work to others. 20.If a creative commons license contains ND, what does that indicate No modifications 21.The concept of copyleft allows for the limited use of copyrighted material without obtaining permission from the copyright holder. 22.Which term is used to describe an online, personal journal in the form of a web page that contains posts on one or more topics which are usually displayed in reverse chronological order blog 23.Which of the following elements would not be found on a blog page Comments from readers, archive of older articles and away from readers to add the blog to their favorite list. 24.What would you use to set up a feed that monitors your favorite blogs, collects the latest posts, and displays them RSS reader 25.Which of the following is a microblogging service twitter 26.A wiki is a collaborative web application that provides tools that enable contributors to post, read and modify content 27.Which of the following is a Wikipedia content standard NPOV, NOR, and V 28.Which of the following would be found on a standard Wikipedia page Community edits: request for improvements 29.On a communication matrix, where would blogs be found Public asynchronous section 30.Which of the following terms is part of an email system Servers, mailboxes, messages 31.The telecommunications technique used by local email is sometimes referred to as store and forward. 32.The protocols POP3 and IMAP can be used to manage your incoming mail. 33.Instant messaging is a synchronous, real-time technology for two or more people to type messages back and forth while online. 34.Which of the following is a VoIP service Facetime, snapchat, Google talk 35.Along with a profile image, which of the following would also be included in a user profile tagline 36.Online doppelgangers are two or more online personas with the same name or username. 37.In the words of Justice Brandeis, what is the “right to be left alone “ privacy 38.Commonly held expectations of privacy include which of the following Freedom from intensive surveillance and control own personally identifiable information. 39.Third party apps are external programs that interact with social networking services. 40.What are the main software categories System, development and application 41.Which category of software would programming languages fall into development 42.Which of the following would be considered essential software for both laptop computers and a tablet computer browser 43.A new version or edition of a software product is referred to as a software upgrade. 44.Public domain software may be freely copied, distributed and even resold. 45.A site license is generally priced at a flat rate and allows software to be used on all computers at a specific location. 46.Which type of software must include the source code, which allows programmers to modify and improve then software Open source software 47.Two of the most common open source and free software licenses are BSD and GPL. 48.Which of the following types of operating systems would most likely be found on a laptop computer OS X, Linux, Chrome OS 49.Which of the following would be considered an operating system resource RAM, CPU, Storage 50.An operating system’s multiprocessing capability supports a division of labor among all the processing units. 51.Which OS is installed on more than 80% of the world’s personal computer Microsoft Windows 52.Which of the following operating systems is found on Macintosh desktop and laptop computers OS X 53.Which of the following features is unique to OS X resource forks 54.The iOS operating system is found on which device iPhones 55.Chrome OS is an example of a thin because it depends substantially on processing and storage provided by cloud-based servers.

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Chapter 15, Problem 1Q is Solved
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Textbook: Introductory Chemistry
Edition: 5
Author: Nivaldo J Tro
ISBN: 9780321910295

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What are the two general concepts involved in equilibrium?